How These Women Are Preparing For The Next 4 Years

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda for TTS Boss Babes

We’ve made it to Inauguration Day, a day some have been dreading (us), and others have been eagerly anticipating (less than half the country) for months. And while we’ll leave the political coverage to the news organizations, we felt that as a women-run website it is our responsibility to share how we as females are embracing the future, for better or for worse.

To do that, we turned to our Boss Babes themselves and asked them one simple question: As a woman, how are you preparing for the next four years of Trump’s presidency?  

Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m going to share stories that haven’t been told through my new production company. I want to utilize all the power that OITNB has given me to create films that haven’t seen before — to share the stories we are afraid to see. And I want women to work in front and behind the camera, maybe then the world can see we belong here.” ~ Jackie Cruz

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“I’m taking care of myself and the women around me at OKREAL mentor circlesa safe space for women to uplift, support and encourage each other. Surround yourself with good people: it is the best medicine.” ~ Amy Woodside

“As we embark on this journey I am resolving to strengthen my mostly female team by leading them with courage, compassion and grace. We can only effect change if we do so together and united. I am preparing to stay firm in my beliefs that women are the building blocks of our society and we will not sit down quietly. [Additionally,] I am also building a school in Haiti to ensure women/girls everywhere are educated and made aware of their value, their rights, and their power.” ~ Sarah Larson Levey

“Since the election, I’ve sat down and really taken the time to understand what it means to be a woman. I’ve come to acknowledge it as the biggest power I have. Now more than ever, I’m focused on using that power to embody empathy, compassion, and understanding, and urge the people around me to do the same.” ~ Olivia Perez

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“I’m going to be spending the next four years, reminding women (through every channel I have at my disposal) every single, fucking day that we are worthy. That we are able. That we need to be equipped for adversity, while maintaining our emotional intelligence. That it’s not about being strong or being soft. We are both and THAT is our power. The state of our union is now illuminated…we are no longer shooting arrows in the dark. We see where we need to go now. So, now we go.” ~ Chinae Alexander

“I think it’s necessary that each of us commit to recognizing and acknowledging whatever privilege we hold and using it as a tool to build safety for and within our communities. To loving ourselves, prioritizing self care, and loving our circles with all of the fierceness that we can muster. As a black, queer womyn, the government has never been in my favor. Even though we made strides when Obama was in office, members of my community were still being targeted and oppressed. So while Trump is in office over the next four years, I will keep using all of these strategies. And I’m sure that our communities will keep rising despite the fact that all signs point to us failing. Because that’s what we do — we rise!” ~ Sara Elise

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“I waited until the last possible minute to send in my answer mostly because I don’t have an answer. Getting an IUD isn’t an option for me, so I’m worried about healthcare. My industry is losing money, so I’m worried about employment. I’m a woman, so I’m worried about retaliative sexism, which is arguably worse than everyday sexism. The best thing I can do to prepare is to lift up the women and people of color around me to be sure we all have a voice, because it’s only going to get harder to be heard. Oh, and I’m giving all my money to Planned Parenthood, but that’s a given now, right?” ~ Lauren Caruso

“I am continuing to do what I started last year which is empowering how women feel through my brand. Nothing can shake a confident woman.”~ Pia Arrobio 

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“For the next four years I plan to research and stay informed on the drastic changes that may take place within our government. To continue now more than ever to support the organizations protecting us. To make sure all the work and progress on climate change, and women’s rights are not reversed, and to ultimately love extremely hard.” ~ Savannah White

“Former Sen. Barbara Boxer said it best during a recent interview, “You don’t just give up and run away! That’s exactly what he wants you to do.” And that sentiment really stuck with me. I’ve never really been one to throw my hands in the air and let people decide my fate. I’m proud to say that my fighting spirit has been reinvigorated by this upcoming presidency. I’m much more aware, I’m asking so many more questions, & I’m currently seeking out my allies and resources. I’m never, ever, going to give in or give up in fighting for what’s right.” ~ Laura Zapata

“I’m entering feeling empowered and an unwavering certainty that I am on the side of history.” ~ Diane Guerrero

Diane flicking off her Trump-supportive neighbors. Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“The climate of the world has made me realize the great responsibility I now have having given birth to a baby boy. I’m going to combat the Trump presidency, and everything that comes along with it, by raising a thoughtful, caring, and gentle son.” ~ Natasha David

“I plan to stay informed, stay focused, stay positive, and most of all, be an advocate for those in a less fortunate and more vulnerable position than I am. We are always stronger when we stand together.” ~ Hannah Dilwort

“I think now more than ever it’s important not to compromise, get comfortable or stop fighting for what we believe in. Issues that our generation might have taken for granted (women rights, black rights, health care) are now being seen as luxuries and are being challenged by this misogynistic, racist administration. Moving forward I am personally basing my company (Houghton) on a message of women’s strength and positivity through different mediums in fashion. Supporting women and each other moving forward is the only way we will push through these 4 years… We can not let them un-do what was a century of the most important civil rights and women’s progression for this country.”~ Katharine Polk

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“Trump’s labeling of Clinton as a “nasty woman” during the final debate quickly became a feminist badge of honor. I host a series of dinners as part of the female empowerment network ‘HER Global Network’ founded in Sweden, and during the next 4 years I look forward to connect nasty women to each other for us to find a way forward together. We’re stronger together – and it’s never been more important than now.” ~ Babba Canales 

“I’ve thought a lot about how Trump’s election has affected my attitudes and behaviors. For me, there is no going back. The singular option now is to move forward in the most productive and effective way. I am lucky enough to have a large voice and platform so for the next 4 years, I plan to use it and to be extremely loud. Millions of people read the site that I work for and I will bombard those eyeballs with stories about women’s issues, feminism, civil rights, racism, oppression and all of the other terrible things that do not affect white men like Trump and the members of his cabinet but are a constant struggle for anyone else. Aside from being vocal on the Internet, I also plan to do it IRL, speaking up when it’s important and attempting to educate people that speak ignorantly even if it’s uncomfortable. It still doesn’t feel like enough at times but we need to start somewhere.” ~ Danielle Prescod 

“I am preparing in the ways I always have. Trump’s presidency does not mean I am more at risk, my existence as a black queer femme with a chronic illness has always been at risk. The conditions that created this presidency did not magically appear, I have been navigated them for my entire life.” ~ Ericka Hart

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

While others offered up some advice…

“I think there is a big revolution on the way. This election shone the light on all the scary ugly things that were lingering below the surface and now, we deal with them head on. We are women and when we are faced with a challenge we get to work. Now is when we show our power and now is when we discover our power. Get Angry. Get up. Get to work.” ~ Susan Alexandra.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

“Remember who you are and stay true to that, no matter what or who tries to challenge it. Be reactive but also adaptive. And when the time is right, take action.” ~ Claire Chan

“We’ve gotta get our shit together, America. Trump’s agenda is going to be a constant undertow to progress, and so we just have to stand stronger, swim harder. We’re a smart, bad ass generation of women, I have faith that we’ll figure it out.” ~Samantha Lim

We must all remember that we have voices and our voices are power. We have to all stay involved and informed. Though Trump is terrifying, the power lies with CONGRESS. They are the people who VOTE on every single thing TRUMP puts forth – so CALL them, petition, use your VOICE. Get involved in LOCAL elections and VOTE. Those are the people who will eventually end up in Congress and Senate. Donate or volunteer for Planned Parenthood and other incredibly important foundations that are getting defunded. And most importantly, don’t lose faith in our incredible country!” ~ Greta Titelman

“Stay Angry. It’s harder than it seems – the quotidian stresses and pleasures of living can help us forget that this is wrong. We are a country run by a man that has systematically disrespected, threatened, and discriminated against every minority, against anyone different from himself. This is not just a violation of protocol but of values. This can never be accepted as normal. I will not work with this or work through this. Stay Informed, Stay Loud, Stay Angry.” ~ Stephanie Danler 

And last but not least, we should always remember these words by Christina Rinaldi:


Images by Vanessa Granda

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