How to Be the Best Dressed Man At The Wedding This Summer

It is now officially the season of open toed shoes, outdoors brunches, Rosé sipping, and of course, weddings.

Wedding season is something I’m becoming too familiar with; before I can unpack from last weekend’s wedding, I’m already jetting off to another. Funny story: The other weekend I ended up drunk at a wedding, and not just because they were serving “Skip and Go Nakeds” at the open bar (see recipe here) but rather because my cousin and I were playing a drinking game in which we had a shot for every searsucker suit we saw. There were six in total, one was on a baby and one was on my great aunt Lila (whom I actually think wore it best.) While I see the cheekiness of wearing searsucker to a Southern wedding, it brought me to the realization that most guys are unsure about how to dress for Summer nuptials. Guys, searsucker is NOT the Summer answer.

Here are two practically fool proof suiting options to have you looking your best at all the Summer wedding hoplas:

Option One: If you are going to wear a tux, don’t be a bore in an all black tux. Go for something still classic like a navy or midnight shade. To avoid the penguin wedding look, go for a chambray shirt instead of a solid white. Note: You only need to wear a tux if the invite states black tie.

Option Two: If black tie isn’t mandatory, go for a neutral suit in a khaki or natural tone. It should be clean and crisp yet relaxed looking. The solid color allows the suit to become a blank canvas where you can then add underpinnings to your taste. Adding a colorful tie or pocket square to a tan or khaki shade suit can give a statement without being as (*eh hem*) “bold” as a searsucker suit.

The leading men above have perfected these looks– let them be an example, gents. And ladies, just kick back and feast your eyes.

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