I Got a Massage and Facial Backstage at Erin Fetherston’s SS 2015 Show

Never one to turn down a pamper sesh, I was approached to head backstage to check out this alleged “mobile spa” by Cygalle Healing Spa, (a holistic luxury lifestyle brand) and was all over it like white on rice. The fact is, fashion week is stressful and especially to the models, media and everyone involved in the production of shows (a.k.a. all the folks that can be found backstage.) So when I heard there was a mobile spa offering a bit of serenity in a chaotic setting, I couldn’t help but check it out.

The mobile spa is all about luxurious healing treatments through natural products to promote wellness in fast-urban environments– such as backstage at Erin Fetherston’s show. Their products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients of the highest integrity and are committed to sustainability, recycling and re-use. According to the owner, Cygalle Dias, they’re even made-to-order, assuring the best quality possible.

I brought along my trusty fashion week duo, The Great Wilhog, to capture my moment of pampering. Here’s what went down:

Stone healing massage: Using an infrared radiant energy, the hot stone treatments are designed to improve skin, provide deep relaxation, remove toxins, increase circulation, and to restore balance– and they did just that. I have non-stop shoulder tension and the second those stones touched my shoulders, I immediately felt as if a ton of bricks have been lifted. While there was no deep-tissue massage involved, I can imagine how unbelievable I would’ve left feeling after a combination of both. Highly recommend giving this treatment a shot.

Facial: No extractions necessary and yet my face felt cleaner than ever. Their facial used new products from the Cygalle Healing Spa True Holistic skincare line, and I walked away wanting to purchase everything that was applied on my face. It also didn’t hurt that my esthetician had a way with her fingers that I’ve never experienced before; my face was legitimately glowing post-facial.

Don’t feel like waiting until next fashion week to receive the mobile spa backstage experience? You have two options:

1- Travel to the Dominican Republic where Cygalle owns her very own spa that was voted one of the top spas in the world by Vanity Fair. This lady is no joke.

2- Get the in-home experience. Cygalle is offering the “love fashion kit” for a limited time at a $250 (original price is $350.) Get it here while it lasts.

Check out the gallery of me being pampered, and some backstage shenanigans.



The model lineup

IMG_4483 (2)

Don’t I look relaxed?


The hot stones going to work, and they did their job successfully.


Magic fingers, I tell you.


More backstage, and aren’t this nails killer?


The aftermath. Not a stitch of makeup and feeling better than ever.

Photography by Paige & Jeff Wilber

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