I’m Engaged and I Wanted You To Know Because…

Newsflash: I’m engaged! Yes, it all happened about six weeks ago on my favorite block in NYC: Commerce Street. It was surreal, it was romantic, and now it’s time to get to work.

Like any monumental moment in your life, weddings require planning…LOTS OF PLANNING. Now, I know you’re no stranger to the whole wedding thing; whether you’ve been to 2 total or 2 last weekend, the fact of the matter is, weddings are a ginormous industry. And I mean huge– like $51 billion in the U.S. alone huge. So yeah, they’re a big effin’ deal and sometimes it just takes a ring on it to realize how much of an important moment this is…which is kind of the phase I’m in right now. But actually, full disclosure, I’ve never been one to fantasize about my wedding. Not because I’m not obsessed with the idea of marrying my “fiancé” (which by the way is still super weird to say– they don’t tell you these things), but because as someone who isn’t rolling deep in the Benjamins, I sometimes find them to be totally soul-crushing (wait, you mean I can’t get married at The Plaza Hotel?! NO.)

So as a way to cope with my new job as a wedding planner (as if founder of TTS, Co-founder of DAILE and First Lady of Den Hospitality doesn’t cut it,) I have decided to share my experiences with you in various ways: round-ups of dresses and vendors, insights on my planning process, photo galleries and maybe the occasional rant about shit people don’t tell you– such as “fiancé” is not a word you adapt to overnight. Maybe you’ll use my posts for guidance, maybe you’ll pin a few dresses to your secret wedding board, but ultimately my hope is for you to learn how to creatively plan the biggest day of your life on a moderate to tight budget.

Check back soon for some wedding goodness to commence. Until now, I leave you with this…

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.39.26 PM

I ate our faces thanks to Treathouse. Also, check out my rock by Salt + Stone.

And this: our engagement party save the date (inspired by a Marc Jacobs campaign) that went out to our friends & family last week.


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