Inside the Dish: Brucie’s Penne with Tomato Butter & Brussels Sprouts

Brucie ny pasta recipe
photo cred: Vanessa Granda

We’re big pasta fiends here at TTS. We’ll gladly feast on a heaping plate of spaghetti with marinara and meatballs, bow tie with pesto, or fettuccine with creamy Alfredo all damn day. And lucky for us it’s that season where we can be more forgiving with the the carbs and the calories. Isn’t that what sweaters were made for anyway? To cover the baby bumps and love-handles? No? Oh, well, regardless, we’re not concerned because bikini season is well over and cozy meals are our new jam. That’s why we’re bringing you an easy as 1-2-3 pasta dish straight from the seasonal pros: Brucie.

Brucie is a casual Italian restaurant with a menu changing daily offering seasonal Italian-American classics with fresh, inventive twists, like this pasta recipe they so generously shared with us: a penne pasta with a creamy tomato butter topped with fall’s favorite veggie, brussels sprouts, and fresh ricotta and scallions. It’s a savory indulgence perfect for those cold, bitter nights. Need we say more? Probably not. So whip out the pots and pans, roll up your sleeves, pour some Italian vino, throw on some Nancy Sinatra or Rosemary Clooney and buon appetito!

what you'll need

One pound bag penne pasta boiled
1/2 cup scallions sliced thin
1 quart tomato butter( recipe below)
3/4 cups fresh ricotta cheese
1/2 cups brussels sprouts, halved and fried or long roasted and salted
Parmigiano to finish

Tomato butter
2 cups san marzanno tomatoes
2 cups heavy cream
2 cups grated peccorino romano cheese
1 stick butter softened
2 teaspoons garlic
Salt to taste

what to do

Make the brussels sprouts

1. Half brussels sprouts

cutting brussels sprouts

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

2. If you don’t have a fryer, coat halfed brussels sprouts liberally with oil and sea salt, and roast at 400 for 15-20 mins until dark brown.

frying brussels sprouts

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Make the tomato butter

1. Combine the tomatoes, heavy cream, peccorino cheese, butter, garlic and salt into a high power blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a large sauce pan over high heat.

sauce in pan

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Make the dish

1. Combine pasta and sauce in the large sauce pan until hot.

pouring pasta into a pan

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

2. Once the pasta and sauce are combined, toss together and simmer until hot.

creamy tomato sauce in pan

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

3. Sprinkle parmesan over mixed pasta and sauce.

pasta in pan with sauce

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

4. Pour pasta into a shallow bowl and top with fresh cold ricotta, fried brussels, parmigiano and scallions.

plating pasta

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

pasta with brussels sprouts

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

pasta with brussels sprouts and

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

scallion garnish on pasta

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

5. Savor and enjoy.

Brucie brooklyn pasta recipe

photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Brucie is the perfect joint for seasonal Italian eats in a laid back and casual setting. So for those nights cooking seems daunting, head to the restaurant instead located at: 234 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

Photos by Vanessa Granda

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