Introducing DAILĒ, A Product Ready to Save Your Face, Brought To You By TTS Founder

Nothing can quite brace you for the world of beauty products, but I took a leap of faith, worked my ass off along with my partner/boyfriend, and am finally ready to reveal it to the world.

That’s right, kids. Mama Taste The Style is launching a skin care product TODAY and I’m thrilled to break the news directly on my very own website.

DAILE (pronounced ‘daily’) is a youth-retaining moisturizing face cream that was developed as a result of my boyfriend and I seeing a largely underserved market in the industry: the 20-somethings. Though neither one of us felt it necessary to drop serious dough on anti-aging serums, we knew we needed a product that would slow the aging process; both currently in our late 20s, we’re happy being fairly wrinkle-free and we really wanted to keep it like that.

Selfish, yes, but we knew we couldn’t be the only ones that felt this way. We didn’t feel the need for super expensive serums from luxury brands, nor did we ever want a product endorsed by Andy MacDowell, Julianne Moore, Clooney or other celebrities in their 50s. I mean, shit, we wouldn’t mind looking like them in our 50s, but we just couldn’t possibly relate quite yet.

What we were looking for was a relatable, fresh, and affordable product that would moisturize our face while also magically keep us from aging (hell, why not, right?) And if we felt this way, others would too.


Image by Daniela Spector for DAILE x Taste The Style

Sure enough, we were right. After years of research and case studies with friends, consultants, and beauty insiders, we discovered that we’re not alone in this theory. Just because you’re still young, doesn’t mean you don’t want to defy the signs of aging. Because of this, we decided to develop a product focused around the only proven active ingredient to affect the health of DNA cell structure through the process of telomerase– that is our “star ingredient” called “astragalus root”, the root of a Chinese plant.

Let me back up, because this may sound like gibberish to you– as it should. In 2009, two scientists won the Noble Prize in Medicine for discovering the enzyme called “telomerase.” You might be saying… huh? Let me use an analogy. Think of your DNA strands as shoe laces– you know those plastic covers on the ends of them? Those are like the “telomers” of your DNA strands. What these smarty pants discovered was that astragulus root actually prevents telomers from fraying. It is this fraying of telomers that cause your DNA to stop replicating efficiently and your cells to age. In short, your DNA strands are your skin’s lifeline and astragalus root is the only commercially-available substance proven to keep those telomers (your DNA protectors) feelin’ fresh.

Still confused? That’s okay. We do a pretty good job breaking it down on our site.


Image by Daniela Spector for DAILE x Taste The Style

DAILE also contains all the other fancy ingredients that you’d want in a youth-preserver as well hydrating and softening components that smooth your skin and minimize any already existing lines or wrinkles.

With this product as with most positive things in life, we are strong believers that the best results are met when you make something a part of your everyday regimen. The same way you try to eat healthy daily, or exercise daily, is the same way you should take care of your face daily. See where the name came from now?

I invite you to be amongst the first to visit the site, learn more and shop our new baby. Please use discount code 5DAILE5 at checkout to receive $5 off your order (retail price is $48), exclusively for Taste The Style readers.

Left with questions? Ask away in the comments below! I’d absolutely love to answer them.

Meet your new best friend. #USEDAILE @USEDAILE

Photo credit Daniela Spector (pictures of me)
David Axelrad (product shots)
Zio & Sons (prop stylist)
and Elena Miglino (hair & makeup)

Image by Daniela Spector for DAILE x Taste The Style



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