Introducing TTS DEVOUR: The New York Classics Edition

Whether you follow us on Instagram or are an active TTS reader, you may have noticed that we’re pretty honest about our love for dressing and dining. The fashion and food hybrid is quite strong these days, some may even say it’s “trending.” Brands like Moschino, Anya Hindmarch, and even Chanel, have jumped on the #fashionmeetsfood bandwagon, but we’re proud to call ourselves early adopters and our mission is to keep the needle moving. Let’s just say, we have more ideas in the oven when it comes to the subject.

It is with extreme pleasure that we bring you the first course of what we consider to be a very well deserved meal, volume one of many more fashion and food editorials to come. To kick off the online series, we decided to keep it as classic as possible with an homage to the place we eat, breathe and sleep, New York City. We then sought out to pair five dishes that are synonymous to the Big Apple with some of the best accessories we could get our manicured paws on.

The story, as shot by DJ/Photographer Leslie Kirchhoff, is styled as if our model were eating from day to night, and while we wouldn’t be opposed to a shoutout on @youdidnoteatthat, rest assured, she ate that. The day starts with Black Seed Bagels for breakfast, lunchtime at TAO Downtown, quick mid-day snack at Five Guys, followed by a delicious dinner at Pagani, and rightfully topping off the night at Lucky Strike. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, NEW YORK.

See the full editorial below, shop the accessories, and head to these spots to indulge in the grub featured in said story.

Black Seed Bagels

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style

Bagels are to NYC like peanut butter is to jelly and there’s no better spot to kickstart your day than at Black Seed Bagels in Nolita. For this look, we opted to incorporate geometric lines, inspired by their decor, and to get kooky with accessories.

A casual top-knot, bold and playful makeup palette, and nude & printed nails polished off the daytime look flawlessly all while our model worked on that bagel.

Dress: Nicole Miller Artelier “Amber Herringbone Dress

Model’s Right Hand: Bracelet 1, Pushmataaha “Oola Sun Cuff”, Bracelet 2, Flaca Jewelry, Ring, Pushmataaha “Araw Ring Set”

Model’s Left Hand: Bracelet 1, Jennifer Fisher “Roach Cuff” Bracelet 2, Flaca Jewelry “Bangle with round caps”, Ring, Jennifer Fisher “Peak Dome Ring”

Headphones: Urban Ears

Eats: Poppy seed bagel with cream cheese and lox at Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed Bagels Close Up

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style



Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style

The saying could not be more true: New York City is the melting pot of the universe, and the Chinese food that can be found in our metropolis is next-level amazing. So what’s a more classic Chinese dish than lo mein, or dumplings for that matter? Nothing.

To round out this noodle classic, we turned to exotic turquoise accessories, a silk white top perfect for daytime, and an appropriate fortune cookie necklace. TAO Downtown knows how to feed a large group, so next time you pay them a visit, do yourself a favor and bring your devouring A-game.

Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim (available at Barney’s New York)

Necklace: Pushmataaha “Shá Necklace”, Fortune Cookie Necklace: Fortune and Frame

Earring: nOir Jewelry

Model’s Right Hand: Rings, Jennifer Fisher, Bracelet, Pushmataaha “Shá Cuff”, Pinky ring from Yumi Kim LES

Model’s Left Hand: Ring, Parme Marin, Bracelet 1, Pushmataaha “Twin Spirit Cuff”, Bracelet 2: Pushmataaha “Sun Gáze cuff”, Bracelet 3, nOir Jewelry

Eats: Dim sum dumpling platter & Lo Mein with roast pork and choy sum at TAO Restaurant

TAO hand

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style


Five guys

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style

Nothing says burger quite like a little black dress and a whole ‘lotta bling, right? Thought so. While burgers are really a symbol of good ‘ol U.S.of A, we feel strongly that New Yorkers do it best. Five Guys is a familiar name to many Americans but the West Village location is prime and not to be missed for Justin Bieber sightings (we witnessed one first hand) and secret cocktails on the second floor.

For this trip, Erin is rocking red claws, a deep plunging neckline dress, and a lot of attitude. Isn’t this how we all show up to Five Guys looking like, after all?

Dress: Altuzarra (available at Barney’s New York)

Bracelets: Rue Gembon

Model’s Left Hand: Hand Cuff: Rue Gembon, Pinky & Pointer Finger Pearl Rings: Rue Gembon, Ring Finger nOir Jewelry

Right Hand: Pointer & Middle Finger, Pushmataaha “Áraw Ring Set”, Ring Finger, nOir Jewelry

Eats: Burger all the way, fries, and Coca Cola at Five Guys.

five guys close

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style


Pagani NYC

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style

When it comes to European ancestries in NYC, our buddy Wikipedia confirms that Italians take the population gold by over 2 percent. And no dish is more synonymous to Italian eats than a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Some may argue, why not pizza? The answer is we consider pizza to be more of a grab-n-go snack. Don’t you worry though, it’s on our radar… there’s never a wrong time to have a pizza photoshoot.

For the fourth look, Erin is decked in warm hues that compliment the design elements of one of our most frequented Italian eateries, Pagani, also located in prime West Village.

Top: Marissa Web (available at Barney’s New York.)

Necklace: Paula Mendoza ”Hera gold-plated choker”

Model’s Right Hand: Ring, Jennifer Fisher “Large Double Ball Ring” + Jennifer Fisher “Peak Dome Ring” Bracelet: Flaca Jewelry “Fringe Bangle”

Model’s Left Hand: Ring, Paula Mendoza “Adriane gold-plated ring”, Rings Pushmataaha “Áraw Ring Set” Bracelet: Jennifer Fisher “Cray Cuff”

Eats: Spaghetti + Veal Meatballs at Pagani

Five Guys close

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style


lucky strike

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style

If you have lived in NYC and dine with swank, you’re probably already familiar with Keith McNally, the NYC restauranteur known for his French bistro hotspots such as Odeon, Balthazaar, Cherche Midi, and our beloved and never-to-be-forgotten Pastis. Let it be known: there is no better New York nightcap dish than a steak frite and no place does it better than Keith’s finest, Lucky Strike (not to be confused with the bowling alley on 42nd st.)

And because no good meal should be eaten without a “killer” outfit, this last look is 1 part vamp, 1 part lecherous, and 2 parts hangry. (note: knife & gun.) Luckily for everyone involved, the model was far from starving by the end of the shoot, as would you if you followed our New York Classics guide to eating in style.

Blazer: Nicole Miller Atelier “Tux Gabardine Blazer

Earrings: nOir Jewelry, right cuff earring, Rue Gemon “Riya Crystal”

Right Hand: Rue Gembon “Mabelle Jet”

Left Hand: Ring, Flaca Jewelry “Double Spike Ring”

Eats: Steak Frite with bearnaise butter at Lucky Strike NY.

lucky strike 2

Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff for Taste The Style


Producer: Cyndi Ramirez

Photographer: Leslie Kirchhoff

Assistant Photographer: Daniel Graindorge 

Stylist: Jessi Frederick

Hair and Make-up: Elena Miglino

Nails: Marissa Confair

Model: Erin Gross

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