How I’ve Been Preserving My Skin As a 30-Something

Photo by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

For many, your early 20s are for partying, eating pizza, and forgetting to moisturize your skin on the reg. When it comes to your mid-20s, you begin paying a teeny bit more attention to your skin; you start the brand loyalty process, yet still, make impulsive decisions because you know your body can rebound just fine.

Then come your 30s: the decade that all 20-somethings are programmed to fear.

But not this girl. Thanks to being the daughter of an esthetician and always making my skin a priority, I’ve also developed a love for experimenting with preventative products. “Anti-aging,” “youth-preserving,” “illuminating,” “wrinkle-repair” — whatever the brands label it, I’ve tried it all… and have formed many opinions on what works and what is straight-up phony.

That’s why when Clinique reached out to have me try one of their products, Clinique Smart’s Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Custom-Repair Moisturizer, I hopped on the testing wagon ASAP.

Below, I give you a quick review of the cream based on what it promises:

Clinique’s promise: Immediate moisture boost of 70% and smart hydration technology that helps skin retain moisture where it’s needed most.

My review: A+. I have pretty dry skin and tend to have weird chemistry with most moisturizers. This one, in particular, is light, spreads smoothly, and leaves your skin feeling supple. I felt immediate hydration without that oily effect.

Clinique’s promise: Automatically, visibly erases wrinkles, evens skin tone and lifts at four weeks.

My review: I’ve now entered week three of using this (almost) daily and I’m seeing slight improvements in skin tone, a rosy glow, and a more plump appearance.

Clinique’s promise: Helps protect against UVA and UVB rays.

My review: I believe you, Clinique. Also, I’m always a sucker for a multi-purpose cream — especially one that promises to reverse signs of aging while also protecting my skin from the sun.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and seeing how the product unfolds. Until then, peep my photoshoot with Glamour x Clinique for their November issue, on stands now.

Just hanging with mega babes Janelle Lloyd and Thania Peck….


Et voila! Look ma, I’m in a magazine.

Run, don’t walk, and pick up the November issue of Glamour, and snag some Clinique Smart’s Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Custom-Repair Moisturizer. 

This post was sponsored by Clinique.

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