Just Warming Up: Self-Care Hot Spots That’ll Cleanse Your Inner Spirit

Photo Cred: De Maria

Even though National Renewal Day just passed, you still have time to enter into a state of being made new, feeling fresh and strong again. Self-care should always be a priority even if it’s only an hour yoga and meditation sesh, facial, or even getting your nails done. It’s a form of rejuvenation and the perfect way to bring in positivity and spread out good vibes. So if you’re ready to let the world see you shine, stop by our TTS-approved self-care spots!

(Photo Cred: Cafe Clover Grocery Store)

Pure and simple is the motto at Cafe Clover in the West Village. From dig-in to dine-in, this delicious health food eatery just expanded a helping hand to those striving for a more sustainable home-cooked meal. TTS welcomes Cafe Clover Grocery, a neighborhood market with your wellness in mind! This market includes favorites from the Cafe Clover kitchen with both local and global grocery items.

(Photo Cred: Inscape)

Self-love is the best love. Free your mind with positive affirmations and take a break from the looping to-do list that your inner-self is pressuring you to get done. Through meditation, you’re able to connect with your best self via finding balance, reflection, and relaxation. Inscape offers a quiet space for immersive meditation and relaxation without any outside distractions.

(Photo Cred: Julien Farel)

Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa launched “The Mindful Touch” by Natura Bissé which begins with an immersive virtual reality experience that helps you to focus in on your breathing and natural body sensations. We understand that your mind can be filled with a million tabs; with a relaxed state of mindfulness and a physical awakening with the embrace of the present moment, this is the ultra-zen facial. This meditative experience is paired with a collagen shock facial that enhances the beautiful contours of your face!

(Photo Cred: Aire)

Aire Ancient Baths is an experience like no other. Tough times call for tough measures. For the super splurgers out there, the thermal red wine experience is everything, no seriously — it’s everything in one: You bathe in actual red wine, which was imported from Spain and has antioxidant properties with a face mask & scalp massage duo for 30 minutes. To top it off you get a full body massage for 60 minutes with grape seed oil.

(Photo Cred: SB Skin)

A natural cosmetic treatment that can do what Botox does (looking eyes emoji). SB Skin’s microcurrent facial, which is used by Ally Love, Hannah Bronfman, and (drumroll) Jennifer Aniston! This facial is a workout for your face: tightening your contour muscles to promote a full and youthful glow through its plumping effect. P.S. It gets rid of pesky fine lines, can we say anti-aging goals? Check out the site for more details  

(Photo Cred: De Maria)

From Chili-Turmeric Bone Broth to Home-Made Tahini Yogurt, De Maria is not only seriously tasty but healthy AF. After a hard, long day, sometimes a pick-me-up meal is all you need to bounce back. De Maria is ideal for a feel-good meal that’ll cleanse your soul. 

(Photo Cred: Sundays Nail Studio)

This nail spot just changed the game for lazy Sundays. We’re all for sleeping in and a good Sunday Netflix binge; however, Sundays Nail Studio manages to make you feel at home and at ease. Specializing in creating their own nail polish in an array of colors that pop that is both non-toxic and vegan, this wellness lifestyle brand hits the mark. P.S. they also give a hell of a stress-relieving massage.

(Photo Cred: High Dose NYC)

Just what the doctor ordered! Up your dosage on your self-care at Higher Dose and get ready to strip, get hot, and enjoy the detox, purify, & relaxation combo in their infrared sauna experience. Sweat away your sins and deepen your healing after a tough week with their color, health specific color sauna selection and get a workout without actually working out. Did we hear perks, anyone?

Big-ups to our Head Boss Babe Cyndi Ramirez for opening Chillhouse and fulfilling all of our chill dreams. Not only is she the epitome of the girl-on-the-go, she understands the importance of self-care. Nails, full body massage, a healthy snack, and beer or wine combo — um, absolutely! If you want a chill place to just rest your feet, have a sip, or get one-of-a-kind nail designs, then look no further because Chillhouse is your spot.

(Photo Cred: The Class)

Taryn Toomey brings to you a 45, 65, or 75-minute cathartic movement experience. If you’re down for a mix of restorative meditation and yoga, toning, and alignment, then head over to The Class for this ultimate mind and body duo experience.

Written by Caela Collins

Feature image via De Maria

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