Life is Beautiful: The West Coast Festival To Book Next Year


I was recently invited to attend Life is Beautiful, a music, arts, culinary and learning festival that brought out 90,000 people last weekend to Downtown Las Vegas. You may have seen some of your celebrity crushes post about it, you may have seen me post about it (several times), but to be there is to really understand it. As I wrap my head around the weekend I experienced, I came to a really simple realization: Life is Beautiful was probably the best festival I have ever been to. Not for obvious reasons — I didn’t crowd surf or dance until the sun came up. But for reasons that all festivals should aim to be: it had a little bit for everyone.

It was essentially a weekend of being in an adult wonderland; an 18-block extravaganza packed with street art, installations, culinary experiences, motivational talks and lots & lots of music. Though there were no age restrictions on the event, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of careless kiddies roaming the festival — minus the two youngins we saw leap the barricade to sneak in. One of the first things I’m wary of when going to festivals is just how rowdy the crowd is. Don’t get me wrong — I love a debaucherous rock show like the rest of them, but when half the crowd is fucked up before 7pm (I’m looking at you Sublime show a couple of months back) then I immediately turn into an old lady seeking for refuge.

That was not the case at Life is Beautiful, a refreshing new Vegas experience to anyone who has experienced Vegas in ways they can’t share with their parents (raises hand.) Like I previously reported when I was first alerted to the festival, LIB has all the bells & whistles of a 3 day weekend to remember. Celebrity chef presentations — check. Shipping containers full of local designers & shops — check. Massive fire-spitting grasshopper installations — check. The experience was a visual and physical one, and the musical acts were the cherry on top of an already fantastic cake.

I asked my homie, Erika Williams, and CMO at Life is Beautiful to chime in on her goals with the festival and the overall feedback:

My hope was that national festival goers would discover beauty in art, food, learning and music in an area of Vegas that in recent years has been overlooked. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and confirm why our team continues to work tirelessly to make this festival a reality. Go, girl. You did your team proud.

Check out the gallery of some of my favorite shows below. Not pictured but who deserves major props: Snoop Dogg, Imagine Dragons, and Kendrick Lamar who closed down the festival as seen in the featured image above. 

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