Why Life is Beautiful is The Most Well-Rounded Festival Ever

Photo via Life is Beautiful

We’re quite fond of anything that gives us “the feels” here at TTS. Most of the time it’s food and style, other times it’s staycationing and travel. But there’s something about a festival that gets us really worked up– and we’re not just talking music festivals. As we’re sure you’re aware, this country has its fair share of music-focused festivals, and while they’re always fun, they’re never quite worth the airfare to another state…at least in our opinion. So when we found out about Life is Beautiful and its multi-category lineup of awesomeness, our ears perked up like a dog in heat.

Here is what you should know about Life is Beautiful, a Downtown Vegas festival happening September 25th weekend.

1- It’s not just a music festival. It’s sort of as if Governor’s Ball, TED Talks, Taste Talks and Art Basel had a baby and sprinkled it in glitter.

2- It’s got the dopest lineup ever. Like Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dog and Weezer dope. But also newer guys like Walk The Moon and Atmosphere. We’re into it.

Photo via FestieBestie.com

Photo via FestieBestie.com

3- Their culinary demonstrations. If there’s a festival to go “VIP” for, it’s Life is Beautiful because in between the music, there is a shitload to do– culinary demonstrations being one of them. Let chefs like Hubert Keller (Fleur de Lys), Adam Sobel (Cinnamon Snail, RIP) and Kim Canteenwalla (Honey Salt) show you how to make what they make best, then eat some of Vegas’ finest grub.

4- The Art. Couldn’t make it to Burning Man this year? Don’t worry, because Life is Beautiful will fill that void. Bonus: they have that desert thing down pat. Expect large scale installations and murals by some of the world’s most sought-after artists.

5- The Lectures. As the name of the festival clearly indicates, Life is Beautiful is not just about getting f*cked up and dancing like a lunatic. Though they don’t seem like the type to preach, the festival also wants you to learn a few things. Watch visionaries like Tony Hseieh (CEO of Zappos), Bill Nye (yes, the science guy) and transgender activist Geena Rocero give inspirational talks and take some notes before pumping your fists to Kygo. We wouldn’t be surprised or mad if Kanye made a surprise appearance to repeat his VMA speech. #KanyeforPresident

6- Their lineup video. If you need any more convincing that this is one of the dopest festivals out there, here’s their lineup introduction video which will most likely get you to book that flight to Vegas, particularly around 3:43.

Tickets are available at LifeisBeautiful.com. 3-day GA is $255, while 3 day VIP (which grants you access to everything listed above) is $595. We suggest the splurge to experience Life is Beautiful in all its glory. Vegas, baby. Vegas.


Featured image via Life is Beautiful

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