Love That Bod: 8 Brands That Are Killing it With Body Positivity

photo cred: Naja Lingerie

“The Human body is first and foremost a mirror to the soul and its greatest beauty comes from that.” This is a quote from the French sculptor Auguste Rodin from the early 19th Century and still, rings true today. Beauty comes from everywhere and is in everything, you just have to look hard enough to truly see and understand it. We all see beauty in our basic differences and it’s easy to think of our ethnicity, preferred gender pronouns, and age as functioning sources of that beauty, rightfully so.

However, living in the 21st Century, especially in the digital age, in a society where we are continuously consuming the ideal image of perfection, it waters down our natural essence as humans. Embracing our body the way it is, not how we want it to be, or wish it could be, but at this very moment is a beautiful experience and powerful stance. This roundup shows you that the journey to self-love and unforgiving individuality is not a journey of your own, and these 8 brands are all rooting for you.

                                                                              (Photo Cred: Rachel Comey)

As mentioned in See Right Through Me, the nipple is officially freed. NYFW FW ’17 has highlighted the trend of sheer tops and embraced our bare essentials. Rachel Comey is widely known for her diversity on the runway, ranging from all genders, races, and ages and has too embraced this sheer genius trend with her breast-framed harness over a sheer black top look in her RTW Fall ’17 collection. Her inspiration for this line was pulled from the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21 which was the catalyst for her first experience in activism. It’s no surprise that Comey’s look is for the real, working, and androgynous creatives of the world. Her collection speaks volumes when it comes to embracing one’s bod.

                                                                                     (Photo Cred: Erica M.)

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity, Ethical Manufacturing, Sustainability, Transparency, and Community are the core values of this lingerie boutique. Bluestockings Boutique diverts from the hyper-femininity of the mainstream lingerie industry by offering products that support gender expression. So if you’re looking to support the LGBTQIA+ community and want to feel sexy at the same time, this Queer-owned lingerie company is SERIOUSLY body positivity on steroids. GO BLUE! 

                                                                                         (Photo Cred: GAP)

In their new ‘90s Archive’ Re-Issue campaign, #IAmGap, GAP is offering a limited edition collection of iconic ’90s looks from their archive. This collection has self-expression all over it; as an ode to the past, it expresses how we can recreate and celebrate the evolution of our future. Using the past to grow within your own style and inner self is pretty dope. With that said, check out the collection Here and DO YOU, BOO.

(Photo Cred: Aerie/American Eagle)

We are all for the #Aeriereal movement. Aerie is staying solid in their decision to portray the everyday chick by nixing the retouch-ups — this ‘no retouch’ campaign is about loving who you really are, empowerment, forgetting flaws and curves for the purpose of self-love. Big S/O to Aerie being a REAL ONE. 

(Photo Cred: Milk Makeup)

In celebration of Milk Makeup’s one-year anniversary, they launched the #LiveYourLook campaign. This campaign is taking self-expression to newer heights by nailing body positivity and diversity. Our physical choices embody who we are not only aesthetically but internally, who you are is what you do and what better way to express your individuality that through makeup. So if you’re down for unity, staying true to who you are, and self-discovery, Join the Movement.

(Photo Cred: Stitch Fix)

This female-founded and female-run company has launched Stitch Fix Plus, a new range of women’s sizes. With the aid of Plus-size style gurus Allison Teng, Kristine Thompson, and Alexandra Thomas the Curvy Style Council was born. With real feedback, fashion trends, and product fit expertise this collection is here to stay and ready to SLAY.

                                                                                      (Photo Cred: THINX)

From ballet flats to body suits, Ballerina style is still in full effect. THINX, the period-proof underwear company has recently added period-proof activewear to their collection. The activewear consists of a black unitard and leotard (aka bodysuits). If you’re into sheer cut-outs and spaghetti straps with a crossed back then the unitard is totally for you. If you’re into the catsuit meets Halle Berry look check out the leotard. Not only are these items in with Ballerina style, but they can actually be used by dancers as seen Here and most importantly help your day flow smoothly, LITERALLY.

(Photo Cred: Ivy Park)

Queen Bey has released the spring/summer 2017 Ad campaign for Ivy Park including the cast of actress Yara Shahidi, model Sophie Koella and singer-songwriters Chloe and Halle Bailey and singer Sza. This brand is all for girl power and body positivity with a wide range of sizes from XXS to XL to fit the everyday girl. According to Beyonce, her “goal with Ivy Park is to push the boundaries of athletic wear and to support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than your physical appearance. True beauty is in the health of our minds, hearts, and bodies. I know that when I feel physically strong I am mentally strong and I wanted to create a brand that made other women feel the same way.”  Check out how an active lifestyle can free your mind in This Ad.

Written by Caela Collins

Featured image via Naja Lingerie 

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