How to Make Sure Your Solo Thanksgiving Isn’t a Bust

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So you’re alone on Thanksgiving in NYC… sometimes, shit happens. But whatever brought you to this point is no longer relevant and it’s time to focus on you — yes, you. You can turn this night around and make this Thanksgiving one to remember (even if you were the only one around to witness it). To make your holiday just a little more comfortable, we’ve provided ideas, inspiration, recipes, places, and more in order to get you into the holiday spirit, or, you know, maybe just a little drunk. 

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You obviously won’t be making a huge feast for one (kudos if you do, though!), so you’ll need a solo dinner to make the most out of this holiday. No sad microwave TV dinners here. Go to the grocery store and pick up those amazing, buttery biscuits, grab some sliced turkey, a sweet potato or two, some marshmallows, and even a bottle of cider to get in the spirit. Eat as many biscuit turkey sammies and sweet potato casseroles as you want, and call it a night — seriously, it’s like a bite-sized Thanksgiving feast that you don’t have to share. If you feel like stepping your cooking game up, try making this drool-worthy garlic mash potatoes or this relish cranberry recipe.

However, if cooking ain’t your thang. Feel free to order your Thanksgiving dinner to go from your favorite Postmates delivery options or treat yo’self to a fancy night out to Le Coq Rico or Quality Eats where they have Thanksgiving-type dishes to choose from.

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One of the best things you can do to entertain yourself on Thanksgiving is by watching the parade. Wake up, grab yourself a coffee, and bundle up while really watching the parade — instead of just having it play in the background like you do every year. The musical acts, the Broadway snippets, and the intricate floats make for a great spectacle. For later in the day, play a classic movie like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Everyone loves Charlie Brown (don’t pretend you don’t!) and watching something as nostalgic as that will really have you feeling the holiday.

But, if you feel like you need to leave your apartment to feel human, we highly recommend strolling through Bryant Park’s Winter Village or Union Square’s Holiday Market. You can grab a warm donut, drink hot chocolate, and get ahead with your Christmas shopping list.

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Drinks: It shouldn’t have to be said but for the sake of clarity — wine will gladly be your plus one this  Thanksgiving. Go grab your favorite bottle of vino and chill in for the rest of the night — or use this recipe for a delicious Apple Cider Belini, if you want to feel fancy AF. However, if you feel like being a social butterfly and chatting it up with fellow loners, head to any of these cider bars to get out for the night.


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No, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the right, cozy clothing to accompany it. However, if you’re spending this holiday by yourself this year, that means it’s completely fine to close down this small workweek by wearing sweatpants and cozy socks for days. Check out some of our favorite pieces for staying warm, whether you stay indoors or head out for the day.

If You’re Staying Home Alone


For staying in, it’s all about being cozy. With fuzzy socks, a hoodie, and a seriously cozy indoor jacket, you’ll be set for a night of Netflix, turkey sammies, and ice cream.

If You’re Going Out on the Town


For going out, you’ll want a killer boot (and this one is to die for). Be sure to layer up underneath to keep as warm as possible by strutting this jacket and scarf combo for a stylish outfit you’ll probably repeat come Christmas.

Written by Hannah Smith

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