Meet The OG Girl Boss: An Interview With Sophia Amoruso

Photo via: GirlBoss/Netflix

I remember the first time I came across Nasty Gal; its blocked letters and refreshingly cool styling on the product pages. The site grabbed my attention immediately — I was hooked. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one.

As an OG fangirl of the website, and its bold and babely founder, Sophia Amoruso, I have to admit that this interview brings me great joy. She’s been a role model of mine for as long as I can remember — once I was asked by an old boss to frame a collage of people that inspire me and in that frame was Bianca Jagger, Steve Jobs, and Sophia. I even creepily remember posting an Instagram of this (back when Valencia was my filter) and Sophia commented that something felt out of place there (she meant her, duh.) But nope, she wasn’t out of place. And if these last few years of her career have been any indication, Sophia will go down in history as THE badass role model of millennial women everywhere.

Fast forward to 2016, a group of international boss babes (myself included) had the honor of being invited by Netflix to Los Angeles in August for the taping of Girlboss… and to a taping of the Chelsea Handler show, too. (That network sure knows how to spoil a girl.) The trip was fast but furious and one I’ve been manifesting forever now — my Nasty Gal spending had paid off! We were taken on a tour of the Netflix HQs, followed by a live taping of Chelsea (the one where Sophia was a guest), followed by happy hour with Chelsea (I made her do a vodka shot with me — life goals, complete) followed by a tour of the Girlboss set, followed by an interview with Sophia. I know, I’d hate me too.

Photo cred: Lani Trock

So about that interview: We each had a few minutes of one-on-one time to shoot the shit with Sophia. Some chose to just chat, I chose the Q&A route, asking random quick fires, followed by more in-depth questions. Here’s what went down…


‘Til next time. For more about your favorite BB, tune into Girlboss on Netflix, premiering April 21st. Below, is the trailer in case you’ve been avoiding every website ever:

 Written by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, special thanks to Netflix and Girlboss for having us! 

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