Meet the First Fashion Magazine That Integrates Technology

We’re very transparent about our undying love for the intersection between fashion and food. So when we heard that a fashion magazine was coming out that combines another industry we love (technology) we could not wait to get our hands on it… and so we did.

Meet Third Wave Fashion, a quarterly print magazine available by subscription ($40 per year). The first issue (designed by our friend & graphic designer Paige Wilber) is 128 pages with a limited run of 10,000 copies and currently has subscribers from over 9 countries.

Inside the magazine, expect a straight focus on fashion tech and wearables, with stories on startup companies, beauty tech, luxury, digital strategy, the future of retail, and the internet of things. “If Harpers Bazaar and Popular Mechanics had a baby, it’d be wrapped in Third Wave Magazine,” says Liza, Founder & EIC of TWF. “Our aim is to move the dialogue forward about the future of technology and its melding with fashion–but we’re doing it in a beautiful way, with thoughtfully considered editorial content, original photography, and high design.” We couldn’t agree more.

Another fun fact: I’m featured in the magazine and even contributed my two cents about the intersection between fashion & food. Check me out below.

Learn a thing or two about the burgeoning industry that is fashion tech, and pick up the magazine here.


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