Mentor-based Membership Clubs All Women Should Join

Photo Cred: The Wing

When you think of heaven, what comes to mind? Here at #TTS, we picture pink walls, a room that breathes of pretty flowers, with comfy velvet chairs, jaw-dropping colorful couches, and just the right amount of green accents to bring nature into a space. Luckily for us, this pink-ish safe haven already exists. It is the nest of true female power, and you can be a part of it, too.

Call them what you want: sororities, group of feminists, even — dare we say — cults. We, however, call them one thing: amazing. Girls-only clubs are the real guide towards growing and becoming your best self because upon contrary belief, these women not only gather to chit-chat and have a glass of vino (not that there is anything wrong with that) but they gather to be the change they want to see in the world, they come together to plot and support — and in these hard times, there’s absolutely nothing we need more.

Yes, we know, the talk of female powerism has been on our radar lately, just last week we brought you a guide to unleashing the political lioness within you, but can you blame us? There has not been a better time to be a women than right now at this exact moment. Whether you agree or not, female power is rising above water and as girls there is nothing we can not do or achieve when we stand together as one. So, prepare yourselves to be overwhelmed with the chicest most coveted girl-only clubs.


Photo Cred: The Wing

The Wing is like the queen of female clubs, it was created and designed by women for women. It is the true source of our pink dreams due to the fact that almost everything in their space is this Barbie-approved hue. Let me explain, at The Wing, most of the couches are pink and so are the walls, even their locker rooms are pastel pink (yes, they offer locker rooms). They have a blow drying station, a charging station with iconic pink accents, their books are color coordinated and all of them are written by women, too. They organize inspiring weekly events at their hub such as empowering speeches by our nation’s greatest leaders and even dance classes for their members. Now, you no longer wonder why everyone wants in, instead, you wonder why you haven’t applied yourself.

Location: 20th st between Broadway & Park, New York, New York

Membership: Monthly – $215 / Annually – $2250

Instagram: @the.wing

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Photo Cred: @sofiatome / Instagram

Another leading ladies’ club is Ok Real. This club is the “IT” space for women who are looking to network and meet like-minded individuals. Ok Real doesn’t just gather women together, hoping they just connect on their own. What we find unique and special about this club is how they offer “Mentor Circles” which consists on pairing seven women together who they think would be beneficial to introduce to one another for guidance and mentorship. This kind of individuality and attention is what helps like-minded women grow.

Membership: $95 for Mentorship Circle

Location: Online / Mentorship Circles in NY

Instagram: @heyokreal

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Photo Cred: @heymamaco / Instagram

Being a mama isn’t easy (I can say it by experience) and having a support group that helps each other and says “Hey, it’s ok, you’re not the only one” feels better than what everyone else might think. At Hey Mama, you will network online and at face-to-face special events with other mothers who are going through the same thing you are. The only requirement for this club, is having a little one, who by the way is invited to ALL events if the mother wants to bring her little cub. Because at Hey Mama, they know we can’t always have the luxury to leave our little ones at home.

Membership: $250 Annually

Location: Online / Events in LA & NY

Instagram: @heymamaco

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Photo Cred: The WW Club

Isn’t this the cutest pop-up, co-working and event space ever? Giving us major cool-girl vibes is The Working Women’s Club. At this club, girls in creative businesses connect with each other online on the daily. They have a Slack group for everyday chitchat and once accepted as a member, you get the coolest pink card to redeem exclusive benefits and discounts.

Membership: $9 Monthly

Location: Online / Events in city near you

Instagram: @thewwclub


Photo Cred: New Woman Space

This Brooklyn-based club is a co-working space and wellness haven. At the New Women Space, they offer donation-based yoga classes and drop-in, co-working sessions three times a week. You can pay per class, and per co-working session, just in case you aren’t ready to fully commit to the space. They also offer wellness talks every week, and you can rent the space for your own events.

Membership: Varies per session and class

Location: 188 Woodpoint Rd, Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @newwomenspace

Written by Carolyn Compres

Featured Image via The Wing

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