Models That Will Inspire the Shit Out of You

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Growing up, the stereotype that models were just not intelligent was all around. From movies to TV shows, this “label” was (and still is) perpetuated to this day. But here at TTS, we see models for what they really are: a huge inspiration. If you didn’t know about these ladies before, be happy you do now!

  Instagram: @thesabinakarlsson

Sabina Karlsson considers embracing her natural body and going from a size six to a size 16 the best career choice she’s made — and we don’t blame her! She was part of Christian Siriano’s SS18 show that exemplified diversity and opened the Chromat show in a Lite Brite-esque dress. Through multiple publications and press, she’s communicated the importance of body image and how vital it is to feel comfortable in your skin. Check out this video from Glamour to inspire you to think outside of the box when it comes to your clothes.

Instagram: @duckieofficial

Even in today’s day and age, Duckie can’t seem to find work in Australia due to… her skin color. However, her modeling career thrives in other parts of the world and has even been referred to as the next Noami Campbell. She’s been on the cover of magazines such as Paper and Free. She’s not afraid to break the mold and we can’t help but fall in love with her for it.

Instagram: @adwoaaboah

As the founder of “Gurls Talk,” and who has mentioned “there’s no theme that’s too bold for Gurls Talk,” Adwoa Aboah makes us want to celebrate Womanhood no matter what time of the month it is thanks to Gurls Talk’s virtual space that’s dedicated to encouraging self-care among young women. In addition to her modeling career, she’s an activist and wants everyone to find their truth. Watch this inspiring video interview from StyleLikeU.

Instagram: @kaiagerber

Sixteen and opened for Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and even more? You go, girl! Kaia Gerber might be young but she’s already a trailblazer because of her hard work and got-it-from-her-mama looks and style. (Ahem, her mom is Cyndi Crawford, BTW.)

Instagram: @winnieharlow

Living with vitiligo, Winnie’s your go-to model for when you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. She was discovered by the one and only Tyra Banks and was part of the 14 finalists on America’s Next Top Model in 2014. Ever since then, her career has blown up and now you can see her on the pages of renowned magazines and on the catwalk for top designers.

Instagram: @jordynwoods

Jordan Woods taught us that your body of work speaks for your body of work, no matter who you’re friends with. Yes, Kylie Jenner may be her best friend, but this model has made a name for herself by changing the old view of beauty.

Instagram: @theashleygraham

Thanks to the help of Ashley, so many women feel better about their bodies! Her Instagram is a prime example of how she activites for body image on a daily basis. While she may be “no angel” in her latest Lane Bryant ad, to us, she’s the epitome of what it means to be a top model in this industry with or without wings.

Instagram: @slickwoods

Known best for not really giving a shit what you think of her, Slick Woods’ headstrong attitude is something we can all strive for. Along with Duckie, she was a part of Rihanna’s diverse Fenty Campaign and has taken over the Instagram fashion scene by storm with her “slick” style. She’s been open about her past drug addictions and life before she was discovered and vocal about how she hustles in this tough industry. She’s a prime example of how someone can change their life around and it shows.

Written by Hannah Smith

Feature Image via HM

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