Move Aside Mansur: Here Are The New Cool Girl Designers To Watch

Featured image via Oyster Mag

We’re not fashion snobs, but sometimes, it feels like everything has been done before. NYFW is always great because it brings up new talent and puts up-and-comers on our radar. Whether it’s their first fashion week or they’re finally picking up traction after a few years, some designers are becoming ones-to-watch. With less emphasis on traditional luxury and more on creativity, 2017 is the perfect time for new designers to shine. Below, you’ll find a (by no means exhaustive) list of some designers to keep an eye on this year.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Area is one of the latest new kids on the NYC designer block. Though they’ve technically been around since circa 2014, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that they’re really started to pick up some speed. Past collections have been ultra-futuristic — think metallic party dresses and glossy visors — but their Fall 2017 collection draws inspiration from love and sex, featuring darker, moodier hues.

Photo via Beaufille

Juxtaposing masculine and feminine pieces is one of our favorite ways to mix up styles, and Beaufille does just that with their gender-bending line. The sister duo has only been showing for a couple of years, but their collections speak volumes — literally. Dramatic proportions and stark contrasts between ladylike dresses and tomboyish culottes have piqued the interest of fashion aficionados everywhere.

Photo via Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell got his start as a celebrity stylist and has served as Lady Gaga’s fashion director for most of her career. In 2015, he launched his own line of ready-to-wear. Designed with power playing Boss Babes in mind, Maxwell’s collections feature strong, structural details that accentuate feminine silhouettes.

Photo via Ryan Roche

Much like a sunset, Idaho-born designer Ryan Roche’s designs feel natural and organic. Her collections define modern luxury in a way that’s as non-fussy as the women wearing them. In addition to delivering chunky knits, drapey suits, and cozy pieces, Roche’s designs are sustainable and, for the most part, American-made.

Photo via Vogue Runway

In an era ruled by minimalism, any tinge of maximalism is hard to ignore. The over-the-top, slightly grotesque pieces from designer Eric Schlosberg have an Alice In Wonderland feel. Vibrant colors and whimsical patterns make a statement among a sea of muted tones.

Photo via Vogue Runway

One of the more wearable designers out there is Vejas Kruszewski of VEJAS. Did we mention he’s only 19? (Talk about fresh talent.) The skilled young designer plays with the garments’ construction in new ways: An off-kilter zipper here, pockets or a hemline where you’d least expect it. The pieces offer an update to workwear staples and street style items.

Photo via Etienne Derœux

Forget athleisure — Etienne Derœux‘s designs are straight-up sporty. The Parisian designer ushers in a new era of casual with his contemporary designs.

Featured image via Oyster Mag

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