How Nadia Azmy Transitions Pieces From Office to Street Style With Amazon Fashion

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As a multi-hyphenated entrepreneur, blogger, graphic designer and content creator, Nadia Azmy, knows how important it is to have a style that can easily transition between each of her gigs. From the comfort of her cubicle to the streets of NYC, Azmy continues to exemplify, through her swoon-worthy Instagram account, how she styles her clothing to fit her non-stop schedule and lifestyle. But, just like the rest of us, Azmy doesn’t always have the time to shop for new outfits and instead, opts to have her purchases come to her office no matter what her schedule looks like.

We partnered with Amazon Fashion to showcase how Nadia Azmy transitions her fall pieces from her main gig to her side hustle. Scroll on to read her full interview and see how she gets her #styledelivered

Office Delivery

Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Marc Jacobs bagLark and Ro turtleneck,


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Marc Jacobs bag, Lark and Ro turtleneckMarc Jacob boots


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Marc Jacobs bag, Equipment shirt, Marc Jacob boots

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re currently working on:

My name is Nadia Azmy and I’m an art director at Maison MRKT, co-founder of MinaaZine and editor of diary

As a graphic designer and content curator, you have an eye for color and design. What are some tips and tricks you try to use when it comes to layering and planning outfits for the cooler months?

I believe less is more. If I’m layering, I usually do a turtleneck or a plain tee — something subtle that serves a purpose. My eye for design and curation is pretty similar to my personal style. I love earthy tones and minimal layouts with hints of punchy primary and secondary colors. As an Egyptian-American, my culture definitely influences my eye for design and wardrobe choices. I love pieces that represent my culture… and gold. I love gold.

While Amazon Fashion is able to deliver online orders anywhere, what is the kind of message you hope to deliver when it comes to your own personal aesthetic?

Individualism! Fast fashion is a black hole that really limits the way you express your personal style. It’s important to invest in pieces (even if they are from ‘fast fashion’ retailers), as long as you can see them representing you as an individual in the long run. It is crucial that you embrace and celebrate what makes you different, especially in your style choices. The way you dress is arguably a reflection of your interests, your taste and yourself.

Transiting pieces from the office to street style can be difficult. What are some creative ways you style your ensembles to easily transfer to streetwear while still being HR-approved?

Thankfully, I’ve chosen a career path that isn’t totally corporate so my work wardrobe is pretty similar to my every day [style] and we’re allowed to be pretty expressive. I’m usually wearing distressed black jeans, a T-shirt and statement earrings to work. Usually sneakers or booties, too. Whenever I’m having a night out after work, I bring along some heels to the office and switch up my look at the end of the workday. I always have perfume and lipstick on my work desk in case of “emergencies.”

Outfit Change

Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Marc Jacobs bagEquipment shirt


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Dolce & Gabbana glasses, Mackage Jacket, Marc Jacobs bag,


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Mackage jacketMarc Jacobs bagMarc Jacob boots

What trends are you hoping to wear for the fall season?

I’m really loving suits and sneakers with massive earrings. Also, turtlenecks! I love layering turtlenecks with my jackets and button-ups.

While your style is minimal, you always finish your looks with statement-making accessories. What are some brands you wear that you know will never disappoint?

For my wardrobe, I love Theory for everyday wear. It’s simple, yet elevated. Anytime I’m looking for a statement piece, I head over to Rachel Comey because her pieces are fun and so different! They always pair super well with all of my basics.

Where do you see the evolution of street style and the blogger space heading towards? Is there a change you hope to see in the industry? How do you try to exemplify this through your content?

Blogging is definitely headed towards an inclusive space. As an Arab and Muslim-American, I think the recent diverse representation in commercial marketing has been a breath of fresh air. Even when brands are selecting influencers, most of them are looking for a wide range of brand representatives, rather than a cookie cutter individual that we have been socially trained to find attractive and influential. I didn’t have that growing up, and I wanted to be that for girls like me — Minority girls. Daughters of immigrants that never felt like that had a seat at the table.

What’s also important to note, I think there are more bloggers that are realizing the importance of generating relatable content! Many of them are willing to be vulnerable and admit that sometimes life isn’t so glamorous and that it’s okay! This is so important because we’re not yearning for a picture-perfect life as much. As much as we used to, at least.

Side Gig Hustle

Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Mara Hoffman dress, Marc Jacobs bagMarc Jacob boots


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Mara Hoffman dress, Marc Jacobs bagMarc Jacob boots


Photo cred: Daniela Spector Items on Nadia: Mara Hoffman dress, Marc Jacobs bag,

Fancy how Nadia styles these items? Update your fall wardrobe with her picks by checking them out here and make sure to go to Amazon Fashion for all your sartorial needs. 

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Written by Raven Ishak

Video via Leslie Kirchhoff

Photography via Daniela Spector

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