Why Nahema Mehta of Absolut Art Sees Entrepreneurship As a Mindset

Feature image: Matthew Perrone

Here in NYC, we’re constantly surrounded by art. Between infamous museums like The Met, pop-up art galleries, and the organic art scene that thrives on the streets of NYC, it can be easy to take these visual concepts for granted. However, while our home houses the works of well-known artists, some of the most innovative contemporary art has been coming out of Cuba as of late — and Absolut Art has been taking note.

The Cuba x Cuba collection from Absolut Art celebrates the most boundary-pushing artists that call Cuba home who helps export the image of their native country. These photographs, illustrations, and graphics transcend beyond the traditional imagery of ’50s Cadillac cars, Cuban cigars and cafes. Each piece of work exemplifies the history and the uniquely colorful Cuban spirit. Artists like Los Carpinteros and Glenda Leon are illuminating the country’s nuances and narrative through thought-provoking works that sometimes don’t get seen beyond the country’s borders… until now.

At Chillhouse, we introduced and hosted our very first Boss Babe panel series with the renowned brand, Absolut Art, to highlight and showcase their Cuba x Cuba collection, where we had the honor of chatting with Nahema Mehta, founder of Absolut Art, and Eda Levenson, founder of Lady Fancy Nails and S.O.W. amongst the gorgeous collection. Scroll below to check out our must-read moments from the panel and to check out the art.

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Nahema explains the Cuba x Cuba collection…

“The reason why I’m so excited about them is because they are the most courageous arts I can’t even tell you. For instance, Glenda’s [Glasses to see the world piece] is her way of saying that there’s so much negativity in the world but sometimes you have to put on rose-colored glasses so you can affect the change the way you want the world to look like. “

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Nahema’s thoughts on entrepreneurship…

“When people hear the word entrepreneur, they can sometimes feel super intimated by it and I just don’t think that’s valuable for anyone, because, at the end of the day, I see entrepreneurship as a mindset. And what that means to me is that anything that you do, you’re always looking for ways to improve.”

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Eda talking about helping young creatives with her company S.O.W…

“Especially with the sector of education, you have to make sure that you lean on young people and you really have to believe that they have the answers, we are just here to facilitate our process and open opportunities for them. We want to nurture and cultivate talent for the sustainability of the creative community.”

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Nahema thoughts on why it’s important to put yourself out there…

“Ultimately, the minute you start showing and putting yourself out there, is the minute that things start growing and I think that happens in all industries.”

Eda thoughts of shifting the mentality of what it means to be an artist…

“One of the biggest things that I feel super strongly about is that every person who does nails is an artist in their own right and I really want people to begin shifting their mentality around that. As women, we are extremely intuitive and I think that’s our power source and that’s why I believe a space like this [Chillhouse] is the future of nail art because it brings these communities of people, especially women, together.”

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Nahema’s reason for starting Absolut Art

“In the online art world, you have startups who are unbelievable and the right intention, but just didn’t have the reach or the global scale to actualize their vision.”

Photo cred: Matthew Perrone

Do you want to paint your voice with limited-edition Lady Fancy Nail’s nail art and check out the one-of-a-kind art from the Cuba x Cuba collection? Stop by Chillhouse to view the art (or purchase online here) and make sure to book a tier-2 mani to receive customizable nail art on your digits. You have until 11/19 so get to it before it’s too late!

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Mattew Perrone

This post is sponsored by Absolut Art

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