These New Yorkers Share Their Weirdest Celebrity Encounters

Photo via Paige Hogan

When you decide to make NYC your home, you immediately (and unconsciously) sign an unspoken contract. In addition to accepting that you’ll live in a closet-size apartment, you also acknowledge the fact that you’ll probably go weeks without doing your laundry (because who has time for that?), spend your life savings on coffee or tea, and every now and then, cry in front of complete strangers because frankly dear, you just don’t give a damn. But just like any other contract, where you agree to sign on the dotted line, there’s usually fine print that’s been written within that you don’t acknowledge. And for NYC, that entails “having crazy-ass stories of celebrity encounters”… or, you know, something along those lines. So to help fuel your Friday, we connected with a few NYC friends to find out their weirdest celebrity stories.

Here’s what they said:

Photo cred: Paige Hogan

 “I was hungover sitting on the front porch of a Hamptons share house in the early morning when I saw Calvin Harris walk out his one night stand. He awkwardly told her he would call, but then hesitated to give her his number. He was also making her leave hella early in a cocktail dress and heels — not even stay breakfast? Come on.” – Anonymous 

When I was about 12 — my brother worked at the movie theater — and one night Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee came to the theater to see something. Knowing that I was a super fan of hers at the time, he called me to let me know. I grabbed my Pamela Anderson Swimsuit Calendar and brought it to the theater waiting to get it signed. They came out of their movie and I couldn’t work up the courage at first to ask. They got in their car, pulled out of the parking space and she had her window rolled down. I approached her window, and she rolled it up on me and they drove off.” – Anthony Fairall

“I have a good one. Back in my early 20s, I was an ‘actress.’ Weren’t we all? I was cast as a featured extra on 30 Rock. My part was to play a pussycat doll-type of character. No words, basically just dressed scantily. Tracy Morgan followed me around set all day and told me Kim Kardashian had nothing on me. It was extremely embarrassing and I ended up getting in trouble for ‘talking to the principles.'”  – Elena Miglino

“I once waited to get a book signed by Eddie Huang, who I was totally crushing on at the time, and he tried to make conversation and asked me a question about Florida and my reply TO HIS QUESTION was a sound I never knew the human mouth could make and a ”Thank you.’ It was so weird that he looked up from signing my book and gave me the strangest face. I walked away in shame.” – Amanda Suarez

Photo cred: Paige Hogan

“Lauren Hutton yelled at me while I was DJing for the African Rainforest Conservancy benefit to ‘turn the fucking music down.’ It made it in Page Six.” Leslie Kirchhoff

One time I met Bill Murray at a film premiere when he had these great mutton chop sideburns. I complimented his beard style and he looked at me, and then told me all about the history of how they got their name from a Civil War general. I’m not sure if he was fucking with me or not, but it’s exactly how I would picture meeting Bill Murray would go.” – Samantha Lim 

I saw Rick Ross and Ashanti at a nightclub together and they had an extra table exclusively to hold their fur coats. So extra.”  – Samatha Lim 

“When I was 16, my parents took me to Paris (worst way to visit Paris for the first time) and we stayed with my artist great aunt on St Andre de Artes. One afternoon we walked to lunch at a café near the Eiffel Tower and were seated at the table next to Matthew Perry and Andre Agassi. Noticing that we were speaking English, Perry leaned back in his chair towards us, interrupted my aunt mid-sentence, and struck up a conversation that lasted us through three courses. At the end, we snapped a photo together — Perry and I (me beaming), with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The framed pic is on the kitchen counter at my parents’ house still today!” – Maggie Barr

“I was working bartending an event at Carnegie Hall. It was a VIP backstage party for some hip-hop award show. Lots of celebs were there but the absolute best was Wyclef Jean. He was so friendly. He jumped behind the bar and helped me bartend for a good half hour. It was a lot of fun. I’ll never forget it!” – Elizabeth White

Photo cred: Paige Hogan

“One random Sunday evening, I was at my local haunt Peter McManus, having drinks with a few old friends. We phoned up our friend, Amanda, to come over for a few before she went to bed (she lived across the street). She arrived and asked for a Red Bull vodka to stay up. Joe, the bartender, replied, ‘We don’t have Red Bull.’ There was a Duane Reade right across the street, so I said I would go get one for her. I, a bit tipsy, walked out the door and caught the light. Half way through the light I saw this tall woman on a bike, but not peddling it. She was sitting on the bike while walking it with her feet. SOOO I decided to run up behind her and grab her by the back of the seat and started pushing and running with her yelling out “It’s just like when we were kids, you got it!!!” She screams so I let her go, we start laughing with each other (and I thought we shared a moment, silly me).  I then yelled to the tall pretty lady I just scared the shit out of and then had a laugh with, “Have a great night” and she replies, “You too,” laughing and riding cross town. As she rode off I walked through the door of Duane Reade, that’s when I realized it was Uma Thurman. I came back to Peter McManus with a large can of Red Bull for my friend, Mandy, and told the story. Joe (the bartender) said, “Yeah she’s always around because of her ex-husband (Eathan Hawke) lives around the corner.”  Made everyone laugh. Yes, I’m that kind of idiot.” – Kyle O’brien.

Written by Raven Ishak

Feature image via Paige Hogan

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