Dear fellow food and fashion fiends,

If you’re reading this post you probably know that here at Taste The Style we’re all about food and fashion, and nothing makes us jizz in our pants really excited more than when we get to talk about BOTH and at the same time. Sometimes it happens naturally, other times we have to intentionally put our shoes next to our pizza and snap a pic, but in either case we think there’s something really awesome about when these two get together. For us, good food and fashion aren’t so different after all. They’re both about expression, enjoyment, and making people happy, and we’re about those things too. They’re a match made in heaven, and we think their mutual love deserves more credit.

To show our love for the food and fashion romance, a while back we shot a couple of editorials called TTS Devour. If you haven’t seen the shoots you should check them out here and here. If you have seen them, good for you, you can use them as inspiration.

Inspiration for what, you ask? Good question. Well, we think it’s time food and fashion were used more often in the same sentence and we’re calling on all of you to help. So LISTEN UP:

From now on, be sure to hashtag any of your Instagram photos that feature BOTH food AND fashion #TTSDEVOUR, and we’ll regram our favorites.

And hey, we might throw in a TTS inspired giveaway (something food and fashion-y, of course), for one lucky winner.

So have at it and do your thing. Get to eating, shopping, gramming, and hashtagging, and let’s get the #TTSDEVOUR world domination underway, shall we?

Excellent, we thought you’d be on board.

TTS Crew, Out.

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