These Newsletters Won’t Clog Your Inbox

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Throughout the week, you’re drowning in emails. Inbox: 11. You run off to the bathroom. Inbox: 16. When you get back from Sweetgreen on your lunch break? Inbox: 24. By the time you’re applying a quick coat of polish before the night’s event, you can’t bear to look. It comes as no surprise that we’re hesitant to (willingly) give up our precious inbox space, so newsletters are a big commitment. But trust us—we’ve found the newsletters worth subscribing to. Read on for the weeklies you need to be in the know…

And if you’re not already subscribing to Taste the Style’s newsletter, you should (!).

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ann friedman newsletter

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Ann Friedman Weekly is our go-to source for things that matter. Penned by journalist Ann Friedman, this newsletter addresses important topics of the moment, from gender and race to media and technology. You’ll find links to articles, music, and videos, as well as a GIF of the week (because we all need some relief). Subscribe to Ann’s letter and prepare to be the smartest person at brunch.

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stella newsletters

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Know who to follow, what to buy, and what to read each week with Mister and Stella Spoils newsletters. The self-declared “daily inspiration for the cool kids,” Mister is for the guys and Stella is for the girls (we recommend subscribing to both). The two newsletters provide under-the-radar intel on envy-inspiring Instagrammers, street style picks, travel, and culture.

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lenny newsletters

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Lena Dunham gets our generation like no one else, which is why we’re stoked to recieve her Lenny Letter twice per week. Created in collaboration with GIRLS producer Jenni Konner, Lenny is a platform for politics, feminism, art, and culture. Whether it’s an interview with Hillary Clinton, a grilled cheese recipe, or fiction penned by Dunham herself, Lenny has something to say. Subscribe here and thank us later.

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Photo via Jessica Stanley

Photo via Jessica Stanley

We can’t be bothered to actually look at the 100+ tabs open in our browser. Thankfully, we have Jessica Stanley’s READ.LOOK.THINK. newsletter to round up the best link porn from around the web. Much like our own thoughts, the letters are written stream of consciousness style, so we can browse through with ease. Stanley is Melbourne-born and London-based, and her international perspective includes interesting reads from not only America, but also around the world.

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okreal newsletters

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OKREAL is like the friend that will never judge you. Doling out wisdom for twenty- and thirty-somethings, Amy Woodside’s site provides interviews and curated advice from career mavens and boss babes. Their newsletter is a highlight reel of what’s going on, who they’ve been talking to, and what workshops they’re holding. From advice on body image to starting a business 101, OKREAL keeps it real. Subscribe and take a deep breath.

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annazgray newsletter

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There are so many things we would buy if we didn’t have rent. If you, like us, aspire to shop “price high to low,” you’ll love Anna Gray’s Things I Would Buy…If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent. Better known as @annazgray, this NY-based writer’s newsletter validates our senseless sensibilities. Gray scours the Internet for everything from the car to fulfill your gender-swapped James Bond fantasies to the best of the Net-A-Porter sale.

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of a kind newsletters

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Of a Kind is the go-to destination for unique, small batch items from up and coming designers. Did you know—in addition to selling luxe soaps, jewelry, clothes, and home decor—they also have a newsletter? In each edition, founders Claire and Erica share links they’re loving, along with exclusive promos and intel on what’s new in the Of a Kind shop. If you aren’t signed up, let’s just say you’re missing out.




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