Nontraditional Drinks On Tap In NYC

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Draft cocktails are…well, they are just great. While it’s cool to watch a bartender craft a super cool cocktail for 10 minutes, or a barista make you a venti caramel whatever-you-want-to-call-it cup of coffee, sometimes, you just want a nice, cold beverage as fast as possible without all that extra “stuff.” That’s where these guys come in. Drinks on taps are becoming a huge trend in the city. They are quick to pour, which means quicker for us digest. And with the temps on an all-time high, the quicker we get our drinks, the happier everyone will be.

We have curated 6 cool places that offer drinks on tap, all ranging from draft cocktails to draft lattes. In no time, these drafts will make the rest of your summer easy and deliciously breezy.

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Photo Cred: La Colombe Torrefaction

Photo Cred: La Colombe Torrefaction

Have you ever wanted a cup of joe where it was so good that you didn’t need to add all that extra fluff just to make it awesome? Well, your coffee wish has been granted…welcome the draft latte. This frothy, microfoam cup of magic pours oh, so creamy and sweet that you don’t even need to add any extra milk or sugar. You mean we can just grab a cup and head out the door? Yes, that is exactly what we are saying. Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe, has been working with this textured milk, cold-brew coffee concoction for months back in their Fishtown cafe in Philadelphia. And now that it is finally here in NYC, you need to get your hands (and your mouths) on it now. Also, why not do a coffee Black and Tan while you’re at it. It’s half cold-brew coffee and half latte. And at 4 bucks a pop, it seriously sounds like heaven in a cup.

Location: 75 Vandam St, New York, NY 10013

Price: $4

Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30am – 6:30pm; Saturday-Sunday: 8:30am – 6:30pm

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Wine has always been there for us– hard breakups, loss of employment, “one of them days”, you name it. Either way, having a glass of wine is always a good idea. At Lois, you can order a red (or a white) glass by tap, and you will experience a freshly poured glass of vino…Every. Single. Time. And with prices ranging from $3 – $11, you really can’t go wrong. Leave the insecurity at the door; Nora and Phoebe —who are high school buddies and opened Lois together — want you to feel relaxed and comfortable while you try the 16 different types of wines on tap that Lois has to offer. When a wine bar is open seven days a week, there really is no excuse not to go and drink till your heart’s content.

Location: 98 Avenue C (between East 6th and East 7th streets)

Price: 100ml (by glass) $3-$11; 1,000ml (by carafe) $34-$58

Hours: Monday-Friday: 5pm-12am; Saturday: 4pm-12am; Sunday: 4pm-11pm

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Photo Cred: @leemurphy

Photo Cred: @leemurphy

If you are looking for more classic draft cocktails, then The Cannibal in Hell’s Kitchen will be your new 5 o’clock spot. As one of the vendors at Gotham West Market, The Cannibal offers cocktails on tap that Don Draper would be proud of (and would consume a lot of.) Grab a bite from their market-driven menu and pair it with a draft Manhattan (rye, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, cherries) or a Negroni (gin, campari, sweet vermouth, orange). Are you drooling yet?

Location: 600 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am-11pm; Friday-Saturday: 11am – midnight

Price: $13

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Photo Cred: Boilermaker

This East Village bar is kind of like that type of friend that is always ready to party. When a bar is named Boilermaker (a shot and beer combo), you know you are going to have a good time. While they do supply a great array of draft beers and cocktails, we head here for the draft cocktails, like the Hot Pink (blanco tequila, jalapeño, Aperol, fresh lime, and natural grapefruit soda) or the Kentucky Buck (bourbon, fresh lemon, strawberry, housemade ginger beer, and bitters.) We recommend coming with a group of friends…only so you won’t feel as guilty when they all feel just as shitty as you do the next morning.

Location: 13 First Avenue (at First Street) New York, NY 10003

Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 5pm-2am; Thursday-Friday: 5pm-4am; Saturday: 4pm-4am; Sunday: 4pm-2am

Price: $11

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Photo Cred: Skinny Dennis

As New Yorkers, we believe it’s perfectly normal to be obsessed with our vices. And how do we embrace our faults? By consuming it, of course. Skinny Dennis offers a one-of-a-kind cocktail that involves coffee and alcohol. And just like peanut butter and jelly, they should always go together. Forever. Willie’s Frozen Coffee is made with bourbon, coffee liqueur, brandy, milk and Oslo’s coffee. It’s even poured into a classic Anthora coffee cup for whatever reason we don’t know, but we like it. Skinny Dennis is the place to go for when you want to have a good time, even if you know you are going to be regretting it the next day. But here at TTS, we don’t follow rules, because that would be boring. So put your cowboy boots on and bring a large bottle of aspirin, because you will need it.

Location: 152 Metroplitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Monday-Sunday: 12pm-4am

Price: $7

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Photo Cred: Donna

Head to Donna in Brooklyn when you want your tastebuds to explode with happiness. On the outskirts of Williamsburg, Donna offers exclusive draft cocktails that were created by Jeremy Oertel (Dram, Death & Co.), like the Dizzy Izzy Soda (Fino Sherry, Plantation Rum, Thai chile, pineapple) or the Frozen Brancolada (Branca Menta, Appleton Rum, coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice). And if you want to get really excited, try going during their happy hour where all their draft cocktails are half the price. Score!

Location: 27 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11249

Hours: Sunday–Thursday: 5pm-1am (last call); Friday & Saturday: 5pm-3am (last call); Brunch Friday-Satursday: 11am to 4pm

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 5-7pm

Price: $10

Feature image via Donna

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