Throwing Punches: Your Guide To NYC’s Boxing Studios

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Showing skin in the summer is kind of inevitable. Arms, abs, and legs everywhere. Here at TTS, we’re all about flaunting what you’ve got, but seriously—what better motivation to shape up? Boxing is one of the hottest workouts right now, and we’re beyond obsessed.

You might’ve guessed that this workout guarantees great arms (hello, shoulder season!), and it boasts full-body benefits as well. Boxing also tests your mental strength, but our favorite part is the empowering feeling you get from hitting the bag. Our Boss Babes love boxing, and we think you will too. Read on for some of our choice spots to throw punches in NYC.

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overthrow boxing nyc

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Overthrow is the Fight Club of New York City’s boxing scene. The underground club—which used to be a meeting space for radicals and activists—takes an old-school approach to the sport. Their 45-minute classes come in two varieties, including a high-intensity ring-based class that teaches you fighting techniques and contact boxing. Their Underground class incorporates shadowboxing and heavy bag work into burnout rounds that work you at max effort. Catch their special 7:30pm class on Fridays for a boozy boost, so you can reward yourself for the effort. Overthrow is the no-frills way to work towards your goals.

Location: 9 Bleecker Street

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shadowbox boxing nyc

Photo via Shadowbox

Shadowbox is where angels come to earn their wings—literally. We’re not ones to name drop, but the bright studio is a fave of many Victoria’s Secret models. The self-described boutique studio aims to replace the intimidating factor of boxing with its chic approach. However, make no mistake; this is one serious workout. The classes range from a 101 class, to a “signature” plyometrics-infused workout, along with a 60-minute Total Knockout class designed to push your limits. All offer a killer full-body workout that will put you through the ringer.

Location: 28 W. 20th Street

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work train fight boxing nyc

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NoHo’s Work Train Fight seeks to empower students in every aspect of mind and body. Their classes focus on functional fitness and boxing techniques that will take you from novice to champion. In addition to providing skill-based small group and group fitness classes, the WTF experience includes a boxing-free boot camp that will whip you into fighter shape, stat.

Location: 636 Broadway

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church street boxing nyc

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Where do the boxing greats come in NYC? Church Street Boxing Gym, of course. Their claim to fame is hosting the largest training space in the city. You don’t have to be an MMA star to train at Church Street, though—with over 60 class offerings per week, there’s something for even the most uncoordinated of us. Here you’ll find traditional boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts. The gym boasts authenticity and is great if you’re looking to get serious about expanding your skill set.

Location: 25 Park Place

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gotham gym boxing nyc

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If you’re looking to change up your fitness routine, Gotham Gym is for you. Another model favorite, the bare bones studio offers the whole package: carefully curated equipment, top-notch trainers, and an impressive clientele. Still, the space reads more edgy than chic, and it’s clear that everyone is here to werk. Train like a fighter with interval-based boxing sessions and high intensity circuit training—your body’s much-needed antidote to too many glasses of rosé.

Location: 600 Washington Street; 43 Crosby Street

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Located just under the Brooklyn Bridge, Gleason’s Gym is one of the oldest boxing gyms around. The walls are full of history—some of the biggest names, including the late Muhammed Ali, have boxed there. Their trainers run the gamut from amateur fighters to full-on competitors. Gleason’s produces champions, but they’ll make champions out of us normal babes, too. Since the ’80s, the gym has had an all-female training center. If the idea of facing someone three times your size scares you, rounding up your #girlgang for some quality fight time is the way to go.

Location: 77 Front Street




Featured image via Shadowbox NYC

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