Fitness Studios That Focus On Your Target Areas

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We like to subscribe to a pretty relaxed approach to fitness: Work hard, play harder. (Find us someone who hasn’t ever slept through a morning workout or skipped the gym post-work for happy hour.) That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shed that winter layer you worked so hard on. We all have spots we wish were stronger, tighter, or more toned, and those areas are different for each one of us. No matter the body part you’re looking to target, chances are there’s a class focused on just that. Below, we’ve found the NYC fitness classes for all your fitness needs so you can be your most confident self this summer.

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New York Pilates focuses on the Holy Trinity with their popular Abs Arms Ass class. The micro-movements are performed on a Balanced Body Reformer machine — it’s like your momma’s mat pilates, but better. The class helps lengthen and tighten these larger muscle groups, and despite the low intensity, you’ll definitely break a sweat.

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For a workout that’s not only fun but will leave you sore, take a class at Bari. Their signature classes, Bounce, Micro, and Dance, each focus on a specific muscle group (for example, if you sign up for “Up With A Twist” you’re in for a major ab burn!). The choreography builds throughout each month, adding intensity and heavier weights so you’re visibly stronger after 4 weeks.

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Fitness trainer Bec Donlan teaches you go-anywhere moves for your booty with her Sweat With Bec Babes and Bands class. Her signature Booty Bands add resistance to standard body weight moves like jump squats and leg lifts to add some heat. You can find the class at both Studio B and Project By Equinox.

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If acronyms are your thing, try ABC or HTB on for size. In addition to dance cardio, Body By Simone offers Arms, Back and Core and Hips, Thighs, and Buns focus classes. The studio’s options are perfect whether you’re looking to work on your triceps or your thighs.

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Dance while you tone at 305 Fitness. The workout-slash-party comes with different focus areas: Ass, Legs, Arms, and Abs. Since dancing is already a killer core workout, you’ll get that added benefit no matter which specialty you choose.

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For a strong core (read: back, abs, and legs), try Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Barre. The class targets stabilizing muscles through exercises like squats, planks, and push-ups to lengthen and strengthen these areas. While we can’t guarantee a six pack, your abs will definitely feel strong AF after this class.

Written by Kirby Kelly

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