Celebrate Pride Month With These Crazy Unicorn-Themed Foods

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Some would argue that we’ve reached peak unicorn, but we beg to differ. With more rainbow-colored creations available than ever in NYC, we’re pretty sure colors now count as food groups. These colorful eats coincide with Pride Month, which is a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community and the journey toward equal rights. No matter where you lie on the spectrum, these unicorn-themed foods are a great way to celebrate and bring awareness to the Pride cause.

Photo via @hungryobsession/Instagram

May we present to you The Unicorn Parade, a crazy creation that features rainbow everything, available at New Territories. This confection is a vanilla bean shake with Ube, a chocolate-sprinkled rim, marshmallow, Pocky, Fruity Pebbles, and a unicorn garnish.

Photo via Cosmopolitan

Unicorn gets the savory treatment… sort of. Industry Kitchen has crafted a rainbow “pizza,” dubbed the Pop Candy Land Pizza. It’s rainbow dough topped with icing, sprinkles, candy, cotton candy, and more sprinkles. With eight slices of sugary goodness, this treat is perfect for fueling up your crew post-Pride rally.

Photo via @feedyourgirlfriend/Instagram

This month, Ice & Vice is offering an aptly-named “No Hate” cone at their I Scream! kiosk near Times Square, where 5% of profits go to charities supporting social causes. The pink creation is their Basic B soft serve (Mexican vanilla and black lava sea salt) with a raspberry jam injection, pink chocolate shell, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry atop a Konery coconut almond macaroon cone.

Photo via @gelsoandgrand/Instagram

The over-the-top dessert pictured above is the “Unicornolli” from Gelso & Grand. This flavorful rainbow creation is a party for your mouth. Half of the cannoli is filled with strawberries, graham crackers, and topped with lavender berry macarons, while the other end is a cake-inspired vanilla cream with sprinkles with a slice of funfetti inside and on top.

Photo via @luciebfink/Instagram

Forget the original Unicorn Latte. Non-alcoholic beverage bar DRINK serves rainbow bevvies topped with an array of sprinkles, sparkles, marshmallows and more.

Photo via @amelialiana/Instagram

As if the fish cones from Taiyaki weren’t already cute enough, the menu now features an on-trend unicorn version. The traditional Japanese cones get the unicorn treatment with a pink and white soft serve swirl, pastel sprinkles, ears, and a horn (we die!).

Photo via @drunkbakers/Instagram

Only in Brooklyn can you find a bar-slash-bakery with a rainbow sprinkle cookie (alongside a bevy of cocktails, of course). Crown Heights’ Butter & Scotch include “Unicorn Treats” on the menu. It may look like your standard cookie with sprinkles, but we’re pretty sure it’s filled with magic.

Written by Kirby Kelly

Featured image via Hypebae

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