NYC’s Best Vegan Eats to Satisfy Your Plant-Based Diet

Every day, more and more people are turning to a vegan-and plant-based diet. For anyone who doesn’t know, that means no meat, no cheese, no milk, no egg — you know, anything that comes from our animal friends. While some people change their diet due to health reasons and others for animal rights issues, you can imagine that trying to go out to eat whilst vegan, or even being with someone that’s vegan, can be a serious pain in the boo-tay. But whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just curious to try, these are some of the best vegan eats in NYC you need to get your mouths on.

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by Chloe. is essentially the mecca of really, really good, 100 percent vegan food. From the quinoa taco salad to the pesto meatball sandwich to the seriously delicious smoothie and breakfast options, by Chloe. is an absolute must. With locations all around the New York and new locations popping up in cities like Los Angeles and Boston, by Chloe. will soon become unavoidable.

Location: Manhattan and Brooklyn

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For anyone who claims their love for pizza runs too deep to ever turn vegan, Sizzle Pizza has your back. With options for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers alike, everyone can find a slice (or, let’s be real, a pie) to enjoy.

Location: Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Terri NYC

Terri is by far the fastest, most convenient vegan eatery. Their breakfast options are to die for, their salads are pre-made and so satisfying, and their smoothies might as well be as dessert. With small locations scattered around NYC, Terri’s always got your back for a quick vegan eat.

Location: Manhattan

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A lot of people see vegan food as purely salad, but at Champs Diner in Brooklyn, you can eat any of the comfort food you desire while adhering to your vegan diet. At Champs, you can grab chicken and waffles, s’mores pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and so much more. To anyone skeptical of the L, we promise it’s worth the trek.

Location: 197 Mersole St

Photo Credit: Beyond Sushi

If you love sushi, dumplings, or rice wraps, then Beyond Sushi is a delicious destination for vegans and carnivores alike (it’s just that delicious!). We recommend the Spicy Mango roll, the Badge dumplings, and obviously, the edamame.

Location: Manhattan

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Thankfully, most Mediterranean food is vegetarian and vegan on its own. With delicious hummus, falafel, and veggie combos galore, this fast food-style pit stop is worth every penny. Not only is the food delicious, but the decor at Taim is just perfectly cute with its detailed tiling and minimalistic furniture.

Location: Manhattan 

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The Butchers Daughter is known primarily for being completely vegetarian and perfectly Insta-grammable. Thankfully, though, vegetarian restaurants are always accommodating of a vegan diet so you can essentially get anything on the menu. The avocado smash is a classic, the tacos verdes will change your perspective on tacos forever, and the loaded potato skins are something you’ll find yourself longing for all day long.

Location: Manhattan

Written by Hannah Smith

Feature Image via The Infatuation 

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