Plus-Sized Brands that Don’t Compromise on Style

Featured Image via Lion Hunter/Mo Handahu

It’s simple: size and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive. Your clothes should be functional and fabulous, no matter your age, shape, or personal style (nothing’s worse than spending the day in an outfit that doesn’t feel quite right). We’ve rounded up our favorite plus-sized clothing brands, because every body is beautiful and deserving of clothes that make the person wearing them feel that way.

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Image via Instagram / @felicityhaywardcurvemodel

Image via Instagram / @felicityhaywardcurvemodel

Anna Scholz was frustrated with the “frumpy” clothing options that were available to her as a tall, curvy, woman, so she eventually went to London’s Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and launched her own line. For bold dresses, effortless casual wear, and statement leggings that will flaunt all your assets, shop Anna’s website.

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Image via Instagram/@rantiinreview

Image via Instagram/@rantiinreview

Blogger favorite Asos Curve has it all — gorgeous, trend-driven pieces, an overwhelming selection of clothing and accessories, and reasonable pricing. Shop pieces from a myriad of brands in addition to the Asos Curve line, and look no further for your next show-stopping skirt or romper.

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Image via Instagram/@lalabellethelabel

Whether you have a special occasion or are simply a fan of everyday glamour, Lala Belle’s got you covered. The brand was created in 2010 by Charina Warne, who aimed to fill a void when her favorite designers didn’t carry pieces in her size. Lala Belle’s Met Ball-ready gowns and cashmere coats are pricey, but if you feel like treating yourself, go ahead–you’re worth it.

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Image via Instagram/@modcloth

Image via Instagram/@modcloth

The Modcloth team has long been an active voice in favor of body positivity. We love their inclusion of employees in swim campaigns and pledge against the use of photoshop in promotional images. With vibrant dresses for every occasion, cheeky accessories, and some seriously sexy swimwear, Modcloth is sure to have whatever you’re looking for (or didn’t realize you needed).

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Image via Jibri

Image via Jibri

Jibri ranges toward the pricier end of our roundup, but for good reason: nearly every piece makes a statement. From silk crop blouses to high waisted, sequined pants, Jibri is the 2016 version of Queen Latifah’s “make me…international” montage in Last Holiday. Almost every item can be customized in the color or fabric of your choice, so prepare to slay.

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Italian luxury brand Marina Rinaldi offers the ultimate wardrobe for the woman jetting to Capri and back again in a rare week off from her kickass job (read: aspirational or situational dressing). Investment pieces are timeless, effortless, and of unmistakable quality. Shop here for clothes that will last and elevate any outfit.


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