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Here at TTS, we consider ourselves feminists. Whether we’re celebrating our Boss Babes or spending Wednesdays with fierce female entrepreneurs, there’s nothing we love more than women who stand up for what they believe in and work like a boss to achieve their goals. Today, we’re indulging in products that show our love for #girlgangs. Shop our picks that every feminist will love.

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Every feminist needs this ‘The Future Is Female’ T-shirt from Otherwild. The tee was first designed in 1972 for a feminist bookstore, and the slogan is just as empowering today. Twenty-five percent of the sale goes to Planned Parenthood, so you can feel good knowing your purchase benefits women everywhere.


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Boss Babes play hard, but we work hard, too—which is why we need this planner from The planner’s ‘I Am Very Busy’ logo lets everyone know that you’re all about the hustle. The 17-month calendar also features stickers and mantras for your midweek pick-me-up.


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Plant some greenery in’s bathing suit planter. The itsy bitsy polka dotted suit provides a dose of sass for your windowsill.


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bing bang feminist

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In the words of M.I.A, bad girls do it well. These earrings are part of a collab between NYC-based Bing Bang and Instagram-famous feminist brand It’s Me And You. Available in yellow gold, silver and rose gold, the pair is a subtle way to be a bad bitch in your everyday life.


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style club feminist

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Yep, we’re into ourselves—and that’s a good thing. Rock this hat by The Style Club whenever you’re feeling yourself (or when you just need to hide a bad hair day!). This is a must for every babe to have.


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here we are feminist

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#Freethenipple with this print from and Here We Are. Here in New York we can go sans shirt whenever we want, and what better way to celebrate by putting them on display? Show the girls a little love in your art collection.


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It goes without saying that feminists usually care about safe sex, the environment, and their own health. Sustain Natural is a vegan, sustainable line of lubricants, chemical-free condoms, and wipes. The products all have bright nature-inspired packaging to make it fun for you, too. You shouldn’t have to compromise, and Sustain makes sure you can enjoy responsibly.


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tuza feminist

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The Vagina Charm Necklace by Tuza Jewelry is the perfect way to make a statement. Not only is the necklace a beautiful piece of jewelry; it also celebrates the female body. This conversation-starter is handcrafted and designed in collaboration with NYC artist Maia Ruth Lee.


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unbound feminist

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Update your stash products quarterly with the Unbound subscription box. Unbound is a sexual lifestyle company that’s all about empowerment and body positivity. The owners created the box to make sex better for women—without the embarrassment of visiting a physical shop. They curate everything you need to feel like a boss in the bedroom.





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