Shine On NYE With These Festive ‘Fits

Photo cred: Nylon Magazine

You’re at the last stretch of the holidays. The end is near. You can basically taste the new year, which means new beginnings, new resolutions to fulfill (or more commonly not), new diets, new career goals, a new boyfriend, and maybe even a new wardrobe. You can hardly wait. But first you have to ride the wave of New Years Eve like the rest of us. It’s an anticipated event that some of us start planning weeks in advance (your Justice tickets were ordered like a month ago), or for last minute slackers (cough, cough) you won’t know where you’ll be or who you’ll be with until hours before the ball drops. Although we strongly urge you to get your affairs in order and figure out who the hell you’ll be kissing right at the count of “Happy New Year!”, we’re more concerned about what you’re going to be wearing at the special moment.

Although the variety of opportunity New Years Eve offers, such as concerts, club venues, a swanky home soiree, etc, are up for grabs depending on what kind of action you’re looking to get into, what you wear really exudes the celebratory spirit. From simple and subtle to outright glitz and glam, we’ve got all the shiny, sequin, metallic bases covered so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Now you’ve just got to gather the gang and get on those champagne toast plans.

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A more casual, I-have-no-idea-where-this-night-will-take-me look, you’ll stay safe with muted colors like grey that alludes to it’s spunky younger sister, silver. Pair it with a coordinated jacket and black leather pants for a more fashion forward look. Want to please your feet? Some dashing oxfords are a great alternative to Godzilla stomping heels.

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You don’t want to make the same mistake you did last year with a jumpsuit and stilettos (it took you nearly 10 minutes just to get the thing off when trying to relieve yourself of all the champagne sipping and your feet were borderline useless the following morning). An easy, comfortable get up is your route this year. But just because you’ll be cozy in a spandex tank and free flowing pants doesn’t mean you won’t look like gold.

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You’re invited to some swanky soiree where the champagne will be flowing and hors d’oeuvres catered. You’ll want to look as elite as the crowd but without dropping bank on a getup you plan to stretch out five times in your young life. Go for a bubbly colored maxi and some flattering pointy toe heels with a charming and classy Mary Jane strap. Want to set apart from the crowd? Add a little edge with a simple bolo wrap choker.

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So the crew wants to head to the club. Bottle service, Justin Bieber remixes, sloppy hook ups. The whole nine. It’s time to break out the LBD with much more sex appeal. It covers what needs shielding and shows off all the right spots that’ll have imaginations running wild. Word of advice: Don’t torture yourself in sky-high Loubs. Opt for a chunkier platform shoe with a festive heel. Just as fancy, not as painful. You’re welcome.

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You really want to shine this year. You want to stand out in a dark cloud of black on black on black, so instead opt for silver on silver on silver. A flowing jumpsuit is fun and festive with a strappy stacked heel and a headband adorned in constallations. You’ll sure to look stellar in a crowd full of boring.

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Your local elevated dive bar is throwing quite the bash this year and you don’t want to miss out on the tatted cutie pouring all your Jameson shots. This is where you don’t want to look too festive. Just the right amount. Rock an edgy, 70’s inspired look with a cropped micro flare denim and a slinky metallic tank with a skinny scarf. You’ll be his little rock n roll queen for the night.




Feature photo via, Nylon Magazine

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