Skin Saviors: The Products You Need to Stay Hydrated Through the Cold

Photo via Glossier

Your pores are parched; they’re as thirsty as your college Thursdays and you’ve been a little negligent. Maybe it’s because this weather is more bipolar than your ex and you can’t figure out what to do for your poor, poor skin. Or maybe because you’ve spent too much time stressed over gift shopping (although our gift guides should have helped with that) and inebriated at holiday soirees, and not enough time devoted to some much needed R & R. Although the daunting inclement weather that’s usually expected this time of year hasn’t arrived just yet doesn’t mean it’s not coming (#winteriscoming), and trust us, you’re going to want to be prepared. With blizzards and subarctic temps comes dry, cracked skin that resembles the Great Salt Lake Desert and that shit ain’t cute, especially when you’re trying to cuddle up with your new sweater weather beau to keep warm.

But just because your dry skin is in need of some quenching, doesn’t mean any old moisturizer will do. You’ll need something as seasonal as your favorite farm-to-table joint around the corner. Because just like with foods and fashion, your beauty products have a time and place too. Here are our top picks to save your skin (head to toe) from the cold, whenever it decides to show face.

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fresh rose face mask

photo via Amazon

Roses are red, violets are blue, but we’re definitely more interested in the roses part. Without the Vitamin D we all bathed in during the summer months, our complexion isn’t what it once was, and we’ve been #tbt all month because of it. But Fresh’s Rose Mask is the spa-at-home solution to your hydration problem. Though not the hottest and newest beauty product in the market, it’s as delicate and femme as you are and ultra hydrating, too. Made with real rose petals (that literally melt into the skin) and pure rosewater, the cooling gel formula hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. Looking to romance your skin a bit more? Follow it up with the Rose Hydrating Face Serum and Rose Hydrating Gel Cream, which will score more points than a bouquet.

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daile dna lock serum and moisturizer

photo via DAILE

It’s no surprise that we all start to look a little aged during the winter months. Stripped of hydration and glow, we start to look like the haggard, washed-up versions of ourselves we’ve only seen in our nightmares. Luckily, we don’t have to stand for that anymore. Prepare to restore your youth and your skin with the DAILE DNA Lock Serum + Moisturizer. Highly reviewed by the likes of W Magazine, Pop Sugar, and Allure, this baby gets to the root of the problem for anti-aging prevention and hydration guaranteed. Utilizing telomerase, an enzyme that strengthens DNA, this product is made up of three key components to guarantee high-performance results: Astralagus root (aids in the healthy reproduction of new skin cells), retinol (for collagen boosting), and Argireline & Matrixyl 3000 (to diminish fine lines and wrinkles). Your skin will be kept young and radiant while combatting the father time we all fear as we start blowing out more and more candles.

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aesop body oil

photo via Barneys

Our faces aren’t the only thing in need of some loving. Our bodies suffer just as much from the cold as our flushed cheeks and Rudolph noses. But your typical drugstore brand moisturizer proves to lack girl wonder powers when just a couple of hours after being out in the bitter cold you’re sucked dry. Looks like it’s going to need a sidekick. Enter Aesop, an Australian brand dedicated to responsibly sourcing plant-based and laboratory made ingredients for the safest efficiency. They’ve cultivated a line of products with a cult following and now, we’re the Beliebers of this skin and haircare line. Take their Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment. This triple threat product can be added into your favorite body lotion, added with milk in a hot bath (YES to this), or just massaged directly onto freshly cleansed skin. Regardless of how it’s used, this highly absorbent oil will replenish and re-hydrate your winter worn skin that’ll leave it as supple as a baby’s bum.

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jo malone vitamin e hand treatment

photo via Nordstrom

It’s time to be a little more hands on about, well your dry, cracked hands, because there’s no point in maintaing that mani if you’re not going to take care of what bears those freshly polished nails. But is it just us or do most of those generic hand creams leave your hands feeling like you slicked them through a tin of grease? Yeah, well, Jo Malone has issue that covered (pun intended). The Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Treatment is just that, a rich, nourishing hand cream that instantly absorbs without leaving a greasy finish to make sure nothing will be slipping through your fingers this winter. Along with treating the skin, this cream provides formidable environment protection to guarantee nothing can get in the way of your hand holding. The icing on the cake? This hand treatment also has a fresh hint of pomelo and cassis leaving your hands deliciously soft.

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bumble & bumble quenching mask

photo via Sephora

Haircare is just as crucial in the winter as is slabbing on creams and lotions to your face and body. After all, your scalp is skin too, no? And when your head and hair are as dry as a desert, it’s time to do some damage control with Bumble & Bumble’s Quenching Mask. Made for the “terribly thirsty”, this weekly hair treatment hydrates and restores natural moisture barrier for supple softness, strength, and effortless detangling leaving your hair with a soft and shiny finish that’ll be all the envy even into the new year.

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Glossier coconut balm dotcom

photo via Elle

Haven’t you always wanted someone to refer to refer to your lips the way Echo and the Bunnymen do? Well you can and will have lips like sugar if you trust us that Glossier isn’t just a master on all thing boy brows. Their Coconut Balm DotCom lip balm is the freakin’ bomb. It’s like the island vacation you wish you could take when it’s a stiff 20 degrees but for your pout. Made with beeswax and castor seed oil, you’re in for some long-lasting hydration. Plus the plant extracts provide antioxidants and skin-enhancing nutrients. Your lips will be plump, moist and ready for all the mistletoe action ahead.


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