The Startups That May Change Your Life This Year

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As you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, reading this ridiculously awesome article, a few things probably crossed your mind. Whether you clicked on this post to bring more enlightenment to your day or you unconsciously clicked on it during your office hours because you “might” have been procrastinating (don’t worry, we won’t tell), either way, we’re glad you’re here. Because we want this year to be one of the best years yet, we decided to share with you some cool-kid-approved startups to help make 2017 even better. So let’s get this party started with all nine picks below, shall we?

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To start 2017 off on the right foot, you might want to listen to your mom and take your vitamins. But instead of taking a multivitamin that doesn’t speak to your needs, Care/of takes a more personal approach  by providing the exact nutrients you need based on your lifestyle. For them, quality is definitely over quantity and they have the team of scientists to help develop their products. Want to feel and look good? Start by working on your insides.

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As Boss Babes, not only should we take care of our mental wellness this year, but we should also take charge of our finances. Ellevest wants you to take control of your financial future by working on your goals today. Whether you want to buy a home, plan for retirement, or start a business, Ellevest will calculate your finances to figure out how much you need to invest to hit your goal. Just connect your accounts, make the deposits and let Ellevest do the rest for you.

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We don’t know about you, but one of the best feelings in the world is coming home and lying in a comfy AF bed. Thankfully, Brooklinen understood our needs and decided to provide high-quality linens that don’t cost an arm and a leg. With their simple-yet-silky-smooth pillows, comforters and sheets, your bed will comfort you after a long day at the office.

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Staying on top of our mental wellness is one of our goals for 2017. But when we’re constantly on-the-go and don’t have time to sit for a 30-minute mediation session, our priorities get out of whack, and we lose sight of our values. Cue in Simple Habit. This one-and-done meditation app allows you to zen the fuck out by engaging in 5-minute meditation sessions that are personalized for every life situation. And because meditation can improve your memory, sleep quality, and emotion regulation, it might be worth it to give five minutes of your day to this app.

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As much as we would like to say that we all stay up-to-date with our oral healthcare routine, only 50% of American’s do. But honestly, no matter what side you’re on, Quip is a brand you need to get behind. Starting from $25, you’ll get a dual-use wall mount/travel cover toothbrush, nifty tried-and-true dental tips from dentists, and a potential free re-fill if you go to the dentist through Quip every six months. All in all, it’s an easy service that sends you new brushes every three months, so you don’t have to think about it.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of 2016, charcoal took the beauty world by storm with its absorbent quality. This black powder helps take out all the toxins from your body whether you use it topically or orally. So when a company named Dirty Lemon decided to come out with a line of beverages that help purify your insides, girl, you know we were on board. While you can pick and choose what to focus on (hair+skin, energy, detox, or sleep), you can mix and match to give your body the ultimate healthy treatment.

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In the bustling city that is NYC, the last thing you want to do is work in a noisy Starbuck next to someone who doesn’t understand the word “boundaries.” But as much as we would love to be within a bubble at all times, Breather allows us to have a space of our own outside of our own four walls. With the flexibility of these minimal, clean spaces, you literally (and we mean literally) can use these spaces for anything. Want to take a nap? Host a podcast? Want to catch up with a friend in the middle of the city? Essentially, these spaces are there to give you the breathing room you deserve.

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Whether your life is in a frenzy because of the wretched Mercury Retrograde that just occurred, or you just want to be organized for the 2017 year, will help you stay on top of your tasks and get shit done. Because the app syncs with all of your devices at all times, you’ll never forget to do something on your to-do list. While this app is free, you can upgrade so you can upload any type of file type, get reminders based on location, and more. In conclusion, this minimal app will save you time and stress… and that’s all we could really ask for in 2017.

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Hey, eyeglass wearers! Want to switch over to contacts, but don’t have the moolah to do so? Well, your peepers are going to love Hubble. For a measly $30 a month, you’ll receive two 30 packs full of comfortable, high-quality contact lenses right at your door. With the option of changing your subscription at any time, you can also give your eyes a break when you want to go back to your OG glasses. Oh yeah, and your first subscription is free. *drops mic*

Written by Raven Ishak 

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