Stay Stylish In The Brutal Winter With These 5 Looks

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You may have either been embracing the warm temps with open arms, sensed a mild ting of concern, or a conflicted union of both. All we can say in response is: winter is coming. No, really, it is (have you been outside yet?). When the teens and single digits reveal themselves on our weather app, all we’ll want to do is hibernate under plush comforters and blast the heat until our lungs dry out no matter what the Con Ed bill racks up to (#yolo). Sadly, some of us still have to trek it to work, so, inevitably, the time will come to throw off the covers and face the brutal cold.

Yet, you wonder, how can I look good without freezing my squatastic ass off? A typical contemplation. But here at TTS, we know how to challenge the cold in our finest threads. That’s why we compiled five versatile and down right fresh looks for all of the occasions you’ll encounter this bitter season. Stay warm, friends, and stylish.

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You’ve been getting endless invites to festive parties but you’ve been avoiding as many as you can because baby, it’s cold outside. Yet, due to FOMO, you figure you can’t skip them all. You especially want to hit up the one your old flame will be at and of course you want to look fine. And since you have a strong feeling a chunky wool knit and sweats won’t do the trick, you hit a brick wall on what to wear. Try something with a little sugar and spice. With a flirty polkadot mesh neck and sleeve and whispy hem, you’ll look sweet and sexy. Pair it with sheer tights and a kitten heel for humble sensual appeal. The final touch? A luxe fur (real or faux) will glam up your winter wear.

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You got the Monday blues. Unfortunately, your boss won’t really take that as an excuse to call out and you’ve used up all of your sick days. It’s time to tough it up and head to the office. You want to be as warm as whiskey but still look professional, and sometimes that’s tougher than it sounds, especially when you could just be at home sippin on the brown stuff while watching The Leftovers. Rather than suit up, throw on a belted cardigan with wool knit pants in winter wonderland colors. You’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel for all your fellow coworkers trying to make it through the day.

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Sunday, the day of rest. You think this would be the opportunity to snuggle up with a good book and hot cocoa (spiked, of course), but procrastination is your craft and you still owe some holiday gifts (we can’t judge). So you’re forced to hit the mean streets and get that gift giving done. Naturally, the stores you want to hit are of the elevated kind and looks of shame are not on your agenda. Have no fear, you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to look like a dime. Keep it safe with the season’s monochromatic hue of gray and bundle up in knit materials like cashmere. A turtleneck will keep your neck protected, while an uber cute jumper is as cozy as a throw. Doing this all on foot? Throw on some high top kicks and a beanie for added comfort and ease.

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It’s Friday night but the feeling is not so right because it’s 20 degrees outside and you’ve got plans with your closest friends to hit up that trendy new downtown eatery that’s all the rave amongst the fashion community. So how in the hell are you expected to look like you stepped right out of a style blog and keep from catching pneumonia? Sticking to all black is a good first start. It’s easy, stylish, and edgy. With leather and long sleeves you’ve already ensured that extra bit of warmth you wont find with skimpy little tops and mini skirts. Pair it with some ankle boots and a stylish new overcoat, which happens to have ribbed cuffs with thumb holes and you’re as solid as a block of ice… you just won’t feel like one.

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You’re going to meet that hottie you met at the bar last weekend (or on Bumble… again, we don’t judge) for coffee and you want to look super cute, but not like you’re trying too hard. It’s also 30 degrees out so looking like you actually check the weather is pretty key too. Casual winter wear that exudes your fashion game is hard to find. But that’s why it’s best to keep it simple. Try on some mohair that’s one part sweater and one part coat (we love anything with dual function) and some slim light wash jeans for a brighter alternative to all the dark hues you’ve been seeing this season. Throw on a beanie to keep those ears from turning as red as Rudolph’s nose and some coordinated booties for a color palatte that’s as soft and sweet as you are.




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