Style Mash Up: Spring 2014 Trends and Libation Labels

The sun is shining a bit brighter and longer these days which means winter has slowly dissipated. To welcome the rise of Spring, we lined up a mix of fresh Spring trends straight from the runway matched with an equally stylish libation from the far stretches of the world.

Spring Bouquet

Spring 2014_Floral Trend

Prints of dandelions, persimmons and tulips popped up on the runways from small motifs to loud splatters on dresses, pants and ensemble-pieces. I am particularly taken by Michael Kors’ retro-floral look that promises a hint of Palm Beach, Mad Men and a whiff of old-school Hawaiian Tropics; perfect to get you into a warmer season mood!

The pretty Japanese floral bottles are a nice compliment to the floral trend; CALANDO** is a lightly citrus flavored sake liquor that can be served solo or mixed in a cocktail. Through a little “cross-pollination” the Japanese have taken the Italian meaning of CALANDO to heart with the hopes of “getting you mellow or softened” in every glass.

Athletic Play

 Spring 2014_Sporty

After a long hard winter, it’s about time we play nice with dressing down. Athletic-influence has taken a high-fashion turn with modern plays on pullovers, gym shorts and white tees with mesh, stripes and luxe fabrics. DKNY pulled out all the sporty-stylish stops from their colorful runway; graphic inspirations were seen throughout their collection as well as a fresh-faced Rita Ora walking the runway in a black & white meshed ensemble.

Vin Grâce is a concept-design for the new-age wine drinkers that are looking to break the bottle habit. South Korean packaging designers from Minimalist Studio designed this origami-like paper container to reflect the facets of a diamond while keeping recycling needs in mind. Soon to be release, this packaging would pair perfectly with any sporty outfit in your closet.

White Out

Spring 2014_White 

It may not be Memorial Day just yet, but monochromatic white always makes a stylish statement. This Spring is no excuse! Kaufmanfranco’s ready-to-wear runway was filled with chic-white dresses in modern, easy to wear shapes that can take you from the office to the evening, lasting you through a weekend affair… Making us think that white may be better than black?

Alacrán Mezcal’ssleek white bottle is the perfect accompaniment to the all-white trend. This Oaxaca white spirit is hand-made with 100% Espadin Agave and is encased in a self-proclaimed “contradictory” glass bottle with a matte white “Soft-Touch” coating. As unique as its bottle, Alacrán is a medicinal and tonic spirit with hints of smokiness.

Sweet-Toothed Hues

Spring 2014_Pastels

Usually reserved for the Easter Bunny, candy-colored pastels have taken the runway by storm with pretty tones of lilac, baby blue, cotton-candy pink and lavender. The fresh-hued trend comes in an array of shapes and sizes from various designers such as Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung and Rebecca Taylor. Whether you mix and match the colors or stick with one particular shade, you cannot go wrong complimenting pastels to your soon to be sun-kissed skin.

The sweet colors of this rare 5th Distilled Gin** are the icing on the pastel trend. Only available in Europe, this flavored infused gin brand has three distinct varieties: Water (Floral), Fire (Red Fruit) and Earth (Citrus.) While Water is the truest to the herbaceous gin taste profile (with juniper,) Fire has hints of muddled berries and Earth is infused with tangerine, orange, lemon and grapefruit.


Spring 2014_Metallic

Glimmering metallics brought some high-shine drama to the runways; shades of gold, silver, copper and icy pastels were seen throughout. Dolce & Gabbana did not disappoint this Spring, bringing La Dolce Gold Vita back with bevies of beautifully beaded, brocaded, embellished, laced and gold-coined dresses.

To pair the perfect gold D&G dress, why not try the Dolce & Gabanna Martini Gold**? In collaboration with Martini & Rossi, the fashion duo created their own special-edition vermouth with a unique recipe which includes orange, cubeb pepper, ginger and saffron. Either serve it straight, keep it light with some club soda or stir in some gin– this low-proof drink is a refreshing alternative for the warmer months.

*To get your spirit fix: go to to find out where you can get these bottles at your local wine retailer.

** These particular bottles are only available outside of USA

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