Sweet NYC Treats For Your Cheat Day


Whether you’re fasting or exploring a plant-based diet, and believe that sugar is the devil, here at TTS, we think that everyone and their moms deserve a cheat day. Self-care doesn’t just revolve around bathtubs and face masks for us. If you want it, eat it and enjoy the eff out of said dessert. So if you’re thinking of incorporating a few treats into your everyday meal routine, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Here are our top spots we think you should indulge in when you just don’t give a f*ck. 


Union Fare Bakery

TTS-NYC-Sweet-Treats-Cheat-Day-Union Fare Bakery

Photo Credit: @unionfarebakery

Union Fare is an expansive Gastrohall, restaurant, and bakery centrally located in Union Square. While their offerings aren’t limited to scrumptious baked goods, we highly recommend you check out the contemporary American cuisine prior to jumping into a cheat day head first into their beautiful bakery. Go ahead and order a few treats, we won’t judge you!

Breads Bakery


Photo Credit: @breadsbakery

Focused on artisanal handmade items in a savory and sweet variety Breads Bakery is a true treat. Is it really cheating if you’re enjoying fine, natural and organic ingredients? With new locations popping up around the city, Breads Bakery is quickly becoming an NYC staple. We recommend the chocolate babka which has been featured on countless “Best Of NYC” lists.

Ample Hills Creamery


Photo Credit: @amplehills

With sweet and humble beginnings from this husband and wife duo, Ample Hills Creamery was destined for success. Using traditional techniques, meaning making ice cream the old-fashioned way — by hand, Ample Hills’ playful flavors are sure to make you scream for ice cream (sorry we had to!).


Photo Credit: @supermoonbakehouse

Allow us to introduce you to Supermoon Bakehouse. The banana split sundae twice baked croissant — yes, you read that correctly twice is a sweet dream made of caramelized sous vide whole bananas, banana caramel sauce, creme patisserie, chocolate almond creme, topped with chocolate fudge, banana caramel, dehydrated banana, gold leaf and torched meringue. Need we say more?

Kith Treats


Photo Credit: @kithtreats

New York’s first-ever cereal bar offers not one, two but five different types of milk, a wide variety of toppings and a cereal selection to make anyone nostalgic. Cereal doesn’t necessarily come to mind when thinking about sneakers, however, Kith founder, Ronnie Fieg, has masterfully created a seamless addition to the popular sneaker shop. So while you’re enjoying your cheat day, why not pick up a new pair of kicks to walk off those guilt-free calories.  



Chip New York City started as a simple hobby between friends and has become a new staple amongst sweet-toothed New Yorkers. Offering fresh gooey chocolate chip cookies, baked daily, we can’t help but recommend this classic childhood staple — beware, they sell out.

Flour Shop


Photo Credit: @flourshop

With a slogan of ‘Sprinkles and Smiles’ Flour Shop is what riding a rainbow on a unicorn must feel like. With colorful treats that both look and taste absolutely delicious, Flour Shop’s creations are worth the sugar high!

Written by Nalima Touré

Featured Image via Union Fare Bakery

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