How Tara Sowlaty Travels In the Fall With Amazon Fashion

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Traveling from coast to coast in the midst of a seasonal change can make planning outfits a tad bit difficult. Between trying to fit everything into a carry-on suitcase and making sure beauty products are TSA-approved, a few clothing items just might not make the cut. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about trying to bring your whole closet with you on your adventures anymore because Amazon Fashion has your back no matter what coast you’re on.

Now instead of praying to the travel gods that your suitcase doesn’t go over the 50 lb limit, you can travel with ease by ordering a few ensembles from home and having them delivered to your hotel, Airbnb — you name it.

To showcase exactly how excited we are that we have another excuse to go shopping, we’ve partnered with Amazon Fashion to show off the many ways you can layer in the fall so you can travel in style and get your #styledelivered with our favorite west coast Boss Babe, Tara Sowlaty from How You Glow. Scroll on to read Tara’s full interview and to see how she layers some of her favorite Amazon Fashion picks.

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Arriving to the Moxy Times Square Hotel

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Michael Stars Hat, Lucky Brand Coat, Joie Boot, Melie Bianco bag.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re currently working on:

 As co-founder of the lifestyle site How You Glow, I’m running around and traveling quite a bit. I focus on finding the vibrancy wherever I go; creating city guides, finding overall wellness, and meeting incredible people around the world to share with my readers. Along with that, I’m a certified natural foods chef, holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and am currently working on a crystal project called The Crystal Manifest.

Traveling, while fun, can feel uncomfortable when you don’t wear the right gear. What is your go-to outfit for a stylish yet comfy flight?

 Comfy dark-colored tight pants/leggings are always a must when flying, high-waisted preferred. I’m always getting into weird shapes when I’m on the plane, so feeling free to be able to twist around is key. I always bring my hat on the plane as well, to keep it safe, along with a heavy neutral-colored scarf. I usually always wear a striped soft T, too. This is my version of a chic and super comfortable plane uniform! Oh, and socks are a must.

Picking Up the Amazon Prime Package From the Front Desk

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Wander Agio Scarf

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Describe your fall style in three words:

— Cozy

— Fuzzy

— Neutral

While Amazon Fashion is able to deliver online orders anywhere, what is the kind of message you hope to deliver when it comes to your own personal aesthetic?

My personal aesthetic is first and foremost comfortable chic with a modern edge. I mix up my outfits daily, but no matter what, I believe in keeping it simple and adding a hat on it. 🙂 I’m totally hooked on Amazon Fashion’s convenience and ease factor and the fact that they truly have an immense and broad range of styles.

Planning Outfits While Relaxing in Style

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Mae pajamas

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Loeffler Randall shoe.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Old Shanghai kimono, Ella Moon printed dress,  Lark & Ro Coat.

Let’s talk about layers: What are some unique ways you love to layer your fall pieces?

I’m all about layers because I’m generally always chilly. Investing in a great coat is key, it can edge up any outfit and of course, keep you cozy. Great scarves are a must — I always have a camel-colored scarf on hand, which layers well with literally every outfit. I’m very into cropped sweaters and believe in layering them on top of high wasted pants and even dresses during fall.

Room service guilty pleasure:


Packing for the cooler months is never easy with heavier pieces. What are some go-to clothing items you always make sure to pack that are versatile enough to swap around that won’t take up too much space in your suitcase?

 My biggest tip is to wear your heavier pieces on the plane; first off, it’s always cold on the flight and it allows you more space in your suitcase. I always pack tanks and long sleeves to be able to layer under tops when it’s really cold, as well as cropped sweaters, and scarves. I always pack dark/neutral-colored pants which are always a good idea for fall as well as skirts with knee socks for versatility.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Milly cropped shirt, Lucky Brand pantsLoeffler Randall shoe.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg; Items on Tara: Milly cropped shirt, Ella Moon Dress, Loeffler Randall shoe, Lark & Ro coat.

Can’t stop swooning over these pieces? Shop all of Tara’s fashion picks here and make sure to check out Amazon Fashion for your next fall ensemble.

This post was sponsored by Amazon Fashion.

Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Alyssa Greenberg 

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