Taste The City: Your Cool Babe-Approved Guide To Stockholm

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Here at Taste The Style, we love nothing more than to get away. This time we visited a special place that spreads across 14 islands and connects by 57 bridges: Stockholm. Pack your bags because Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is a serene city full of beautiful architecture, impeccable design, friendliest of people and a stunning fashion scene you won’t forget. Sounds a bit something like New York, except cleaner, chiller, and full of memories that will last you a lifetime!

It’s New York City’s fashion gal Anaa reporting here, and I’m going to take you on a trip to Stockholm you won’t forget. That is… with an exclusive cool girl-approved shopping guide, filled with the best Instagram-friendly food moments, and hip local spots every non-tourist-tourist wants to experience. Whether you’re roaming the allies of Stockholm, walking across the water or enjoying a bite to eat, you’ll be sure to find a Scandinavian gem that’ll lock you in.

First and foremost, you’re about to travel to a city embossed with a contemporary and modern feel. So the only way to fit in with the trendiest of Swedes is to travel in style. And that is, of course, by the most efficient way, with an Away suitcase. No trip is complete without your all-in-one lightweight suitcase with a portable USB charger, giving you both luxury with the affordable price.

Located in the heart of Stockholm, bustling with action, resides the beautiful Nobis Hotel. A home away from home should be nothing but be comforting and accommodating, that which, Nobis strongly embodies. For all you interior and design lovers out there, The Nobis Hotel is one place you won’t want to check out of. Every corridor between all the nooks and crannies share impeccable details concentrated on design and architecture. Whether you’re hanging in the lounge or grabbing a bite in their café, I promise you won’t want to leave! And not to mention it’s right around the corner from all the shopping you need, including my favorite essentials AKA Acne Studios and Rodebjer.

Photo by: Oursecondskin

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, otherwise known as the Old City of Stockholm, is one stop you can’t miss! One stroll in Gamla Stan will take you back in time straight to the medieval days with its cobblestone streets, radiant colors and winding allies. Don’t forget to stop at the many bars, cafes, and shops along the way.

Photo by: Deviant

Fotografiska Museum 

One of Stockholm’s most contemporary museums is Fotografiska, otherwise known as the photography museum. Not only is this strictly a museum full of nostalgic and modern photos, but it’s one of the world’s largest meeting places for artists all over. Step into this infamous, minimally designed museum and it will remind you just how rich Scandinavian culture is.

Photo by nordic design


For the icing on the cake of where to spend the rest of your time while in Stockholm, need I say more but SODERMALM! If you’re seeking to fit in with a hip crowd of only the most fashionable blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swedes, Sodermalm is your spot. Not to mention this is the equivalent to Williamsburg, minus the insane tourist crowd.

Photo by: Oursecondskin

Grandpa Store

One of the most charming and intricately curated lifestyle and apparel Scandinavian stores. Perfect for his and hers.

Photo by: OurSecondSkin

Parlans Konfektyr

The sweetest vintage-styled candy store in all of Stockholm also doubles as the perfect gift for your sweet-toothed, toffee-loving friend.

Photo cred: YouTube tukholma.fi

Dusty Deco

The most enchanting store you’ll ever walk into. Dusty Deco is the Stockholm secret gem for furniture lovers, interior connoisseurs, and art enthusiasts. From the moment you enter through a flower shop, you’ll be blown away with the incredible vintage showroom that later follows.

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For some signature Swedish fashion, Rodebjer is the place to be that offers relevant, timeless and versatile pieces that every fashion girl must have in her wardrobe.

Acne Archives

So I’m going to save you the whole spiel on Acne Studios, because we all know it’s a Swedish brand that’s a must see on the list. However, what I will say is that you must go to Acne Archives. HELLO… up to 75% off of Acne apparel, you can sign me up not once, but thrice.

photo cred: Love and Respect

Humana Vintage

If there’s one vintage spot you cannot leave Sweden without taking a trip to, it’s Humana Vintage. And lucky for you, they have two locations in the heart of Stockholm which mean you’re not leaving empty handed. Let me tell you this place is the Mecca for vintage lovers. They carry sporty brands like Kappa, Nike, Adidas, to designer archives like Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe and more.

Photo cred: Spotted by locals

Pop Vintage

The quirkiest vintage store you’ll ever ‘pop’ into guaranteed, with an excellently curated selection of vintage from the ’50s to ’90s.

photo by: Our Second Skin

 Sturebadet Spa

After a long day of shopping, I don’t know about you, but I could always go for a deep-tissue massage! Take a swim, chill in the jacuzzi, work out, or blow off some steam at Sturebadet, you won’t regret it. In fact, you will thank me later.

photo cred: visit stockholm

Pom & Flora

For a healthy start to your day, head over to Pom & Flora for the breakfast of your Instagram dreams; avocado toast, smoothies and scrambled eggs all on deck. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

photo cred: Emmas Vintage

Hotel Skeppsholmen

Singlehandedly the best brunch you can have in Stockholm; delicious food overlooking the water, with a rustic, farm-like ambiance. What can be better than that combo?

Photo cred: Jacada Travel


If there’s one thing Stockholm is most known for it’s for their delectable pastries especially their BUNS. Yes, you heard that right, buns. I’m talking cinnamon and cardamom and there’s only one place that’s got the best, Fabrique.

Photo cred: Trip Advisor


For an afternoon lunch head over to the most tempting and heavenly of tapas bars, Bouqueria. Don’t be afraid to indulge on some champagne and oysters, they make for quite the lovely combo.

Photo cred: Thatsup


If by any chance you’re up for some Asian cuisine, Farang will leave your taste buds thanking you for days. This chic restaurant with an industrial furnished and open kitchen allows for an experience in Asian cuisine you’ll never forget. Make sure to try the scallops, duck curry, and scrumptious ribs.

Photo: Thatsup

Nybrogatan 38

For a divine and well-prepared Swedish meal pop into this bistro, one thing you can’t leave without trying is the Swedish meatballs. It’s like IKEA, but better!

Photo by Nybrogatan

Spy Bar

One of the most effortlessly cool bars in Stockholm coupled with an elegant, hip and stylish crowd. No trip is complete without a night out here with some great music.

Photo cred: Happytrips.com


Not only does this bistro have the BEST Swedish/French food you will ever have in Stockholm, but they have a hidden sidebar with only the coolest of crowd, quirky décor, and art inspired chandeliers.

photo cred: world’s best bars

No trip is complete without a fun night out on the town, after all you can’t leave without listening to some Swedish house music!

Special thanks to Away Luggage for this trip and experience. 

Written by Anaa Saber

Feature image via Thatsup

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