Taste the City: Your Guide To Nashville

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Here at Taste the Style, we love to travel, but what we love more is to share our travels with you. There’s nothing like hopping on a plane and landing in other countries and cultures, but sometimes all we need is a good ole’ American vacation — and nothing screams America more than Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville’s food, music, drinks, and people remind us of why we love to travel within these great states. So strap on your cowboy boots, and get ready for the Nashville list you all have been waiting for.

Urban Cowboy


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Who doesn’t want to be an Urban Cowboy? Located in the heart East Nashville, Urban Cowboy is a set of eight suites located in an old, historic Victorian Mansion. The communal spaces are not only beautiful but introduce you to the guests at the estate where sometimes live music can be heard enveloping the hallways. The whole property is Insta-worthy. So go, book a suite and get to snappin’ and sleepin’.

Location: 1603 Woodland St, Nashville, TN, 37206

Thompson Hotel


Photo Cred: Thomsponhotel.com

Country meets luxury at the Thomspon Hotel in Downtown Nashville. Every room in the Thomspon Hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring an Instagram-worthy sunset. Even though the Thomspon is modern, you’ll be met with sliding barn doors and wooden details. Head up to the rooftop for drool-worthy cocktails, and jaw-dropping views of Nashville. The hotel shares a block with some of Nashville’s best bluegrass music, restaurants, and bars. Sign us up!

Location: 401 11th Ave SouthNashville, TN 37203

Hattie B’s


Photo Cred: Seriouseats.com

If you love spicy food, then you’re gonna love Hattie B’s. Ranging from “Southern” to “Damn Hot!!,” these chicken sandwiches are too good to pass up. Pair it with a side of slaw and a cold beer to numb the pain of the delicious spicy sauce.

Location: 112 19th Ave  S Nashville, TN 37203

Public House


Photo Cred: urbancowboybnb.com

Located in the back of the Urban Cowboy, the Public House specializes in craft cocktails and cozy vibes. The wood-fire menu changes every day based on what was fresh at the market. Each experience is unique and delicious, but watch out, they take no reservations.

Location: 1603 Woodland St, Nashville, TN, 37206

Catbird Seat


Photo Cred: thisguysfoodblog.com

Are you down for dinner and a (food) show? At Catbird Seat you get just that. Not only do you get to eat Chef Ryan Poli’s unique dishes, you get to watch him make them as you sit around the U-shaped kitchen. Have any questions? Ask Chef Poli and his team, they’ll be happy to answer and chat.

Location: 1711 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203



Photo Cred: TripAdvisor.com

If you’re in need of a late-night bite, Treehouse is just the place for you. With its Rustic-American menu that changes daily, you’re sure to have an unforgettable (late) evening. Don’t forget to try one of the many sinfully good cocktails. We recommend the “None More Black Manhattan” (Squid Inked Rye, Amaro, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters) or one of the many craft beers on tap.

Location: 1011 Clearview Ave Nashville, TN37206



Photo Cred: dinosnashville.com

Dino’s is not to be missed. Located in East Nashville, Dino’s is Nashville’s oldest dive bar. If you want to drink with the locals (and fellow travelers), Dino’s is the perfect place for you. After a night of late-night drinking, soak up those beers with some of Dino’s greasy, delicious bar food: juicy burgers, a bucket of fries, Frito pie. Order Up!

Location: 411 Gallatin Avenue Nashville, TN 37206

Bar 308


Photo Cred: eaternashville.com

Unique cocktails, house sodas, and signature shots swarm East Nashville’s Bar 308. With weekly and monthly events, you’ll be sure to catch a poppin’ night at Bar 308. If you catch it on a Friday, be prepared to dance the night away with Friday Night sets by DJ Joco.

Location: 407 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Patterson House


Photo Cred: southern living.com

The Patterson House is the speakeasy-esque bar of our dreams. With their signature cocktails, chic decor, and cozy atmosphere you’ll never want to leave. Try the Romeo and Juliet, it’ll have you yearning for someone to cozy up with. Plus, the intimate booths and vintage chandeliers scream romance.

Location: 1711 Division St. Nashville, TN 37203



Photo Cred: theacmenashville.com

Gather a big squad and head over to Acme on Broadway. This large space includes two spacious floors and a rooftop with jaw-dropping views of Nashville. With 28 beers on tap, craft cocktails, and finger lickin’ good late night bites, Acme is the place to be when the sun sets, and when the sun rises.

Location: 101 Broadway Nashville, TN 37201

Imogene + Willie


Photo Cred: imogeneandwillie.com

Tucked away in a 1950s service station, Imogene + Willie is the spot to hit if you’re in need of some damn good jeans. Upon walking in your struck by jean heaven, and don’t worry the staff will help you find the perfect jeans for you. Jeans isn’t all they carry, from vintage tees to necklaces to home goods, Imogene + Willie is your one stop shop for all your sartorial needs.

Location: 2601 12th Ave S Nashville, TN 37203

Closet Case Vintage


Photo Cred: Instagram @CyndiRamirez

Closet Case Vintage specializes in authentic vintage clothing from the Victorian Era to the ’80s. Each piece is unique and has a story of its own, not to mention all the clothes are to die for. While you’re at it buy a fresh pair of cowboy boots to wear out on the town — because you’re in Nashville, duh.

Location: 1117 3rd Ave. S.Nashville, TN 37210

Two Sons


Photo Cred: ecocult.com

East Nashville’s Two Sons combines carefully curated brands, and their own personal brand. Each piece in the store reflects the founder’s passions for quality and the beauty of minimalism. Plus, isn’t this store’s aesthetic to die for?

Location: 918 Main St. Nashville TN 37206

Savant Vintage


Photo Cred: savantvintage.com

Savant Vintage prides themselves on being picky, and we thank them for it. Their lovingly curated collection of clothing, naming themselves a store with “true vintage.” Be sure to stop in and take a look at their unique collection.

Location: 2302 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Pinewood Social


Photo Cred: nashvillelifestyles.com

Pinewood Social doesn’t lack activities to play and cocktails to sip. With signature-specialty cocktails, bowling, bocce, and more, Pinewood Social is the perfect place to visit with a friend, a date, or a big group of friends.

Location: 33 Peabody St, Nashville, TN 37210

Santa’s Pub


Photo Cred: matadornetwork.com

What do Old Saint Nick, two dollar beer, and karaoke have in common? They can all be found in one of Nashville’s favorite watering holes, Santa’s Pub. The interior is dripping in Christmas lights, decor, and they even have a fresh tree. At Santa’s Pub, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, year round. So, warm up your vocal chords and get ready to sing your favorite holiday songs

Location: 2225 Bransford Ave. Nashville, TN 37204



Photo Cred: theknot.com

Robert’s, Nashville’s Home of Traditional Country Music, is the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for beers and country music. At Robert’s, expect to be blown away with live country music seven days week. Make sure to head over to the website to check out which band is playing. So strap on your cowboy boots and mosey on over to Downtown Nashville.

Location: 416B Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Written by Sydney Lehmann

Feature image via urbancowboybnb.com


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