Tasty Beauty Products That Are Made With Foodie Ingredients

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As you probably already know, we love when the food and fashion world collide. It’s like if Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams somehow got back together and live happily ever after — it literally makes us that happy. But just like fashion, we are also pretty stoked to see when food and beauty come together in beautiful union. And because we are always on #teamfood, we figured it would be pretty rad to show you some of our fave beauty products that involve one of most favorite things on Earth. Because natural ingredients are beauty’s best friend.

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Photo Cred: Urban Outfitters

Photo Cred: Urban Outfitters

It’s really hard not to do a complete round up of beauty products from Tony Moly, but if we had to pick one, it would be these I’m Real Face Masks. Each one of these masks are made with natural ingredients that will either tighten, brighten or purify your skin. Seriously, what is better than covering your face with a mask made with wine WHILE drinking wine? Nothing, we seriously can’t think of anything else.

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Say hello to your favorite new hair conditioner. Klorane’s Conditioner with Pomegranate, is going to make your color-treated hair look unbelievably silky and smooth. Because Pomegranate is the main ingredient in this property, it will intensify your color and protect it from fading.

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If you are more of a tea person, then why not try to soften your skin by using Fresh’s Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. It’s fermented with black tea and lychee seed extract that is filled with antioxidants. You know, the stuff that will smooth away wrinkles and hydrate your skin.

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If you need a nice buzz in the morning, then you have to give Frank Body Coconut Scrub a shot. While each of Frank Body’s products contains our go-to morning ingredient, this particular caffeinated scrub is made with coconut oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba beads, which are all going to give your bod the ultimate rub down that it deserves.


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Oh, honey. Your hair is going to look gorgeous after using this Fairly Traded Honey from Lush because while there are other really cool ingredients that are mixed inside this bottle (linseed mucilage and bergamot oil), over half of it is made with honey. Your hair will smell like a flower garden and we’re pretty sure it may even attract some bees. Just sayin’.


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Photo Cred: Sephora

Photo Cred: Sephora

Take a bite (pun always intended) out of the Lush Fruit Lip Gloss from Bite Beauty. This highly pigmented gloss swipes on easy and each gloss is made with different fruit oils such as strawberry, blackberry, mango and avocado. With 10 colors to choose from, it’s really hard to just pick one.

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Lush has our hearts when it comes to quirky designs and organic beauty products. But they really make our day when they made products like this Milky Bath Bubble Bar. Be like Cleopatra and bathe is a tub filled with cocoa butter, skimmed milk, and olive oil. Your skin will be so smooth it will feel like butter.


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Feature image via Leslie Kirchhoff

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