Tasty Cribs: Inside Patrick Janelle’s Stylish Soho Apartment

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff | Bedding by Snowe

When it comes to creating a space, there are a few key elements that everyone should have. Whether you get them from a thrift store, your fave home good shops, or from your travels abroad, everything in your home should have a place and make a cohesive story that you love to share with your friends and family. Here at TTS, we are firm believers that the home should be your sanctuary from the outside world. It’s the place where you eat, sleep and maybe even Netflix and Chill. So why shouldn’t you feel inspired by the space that encompasses you every single day? Which segue into our new series, in conjunction with our brilliant friends at Snowe, aka our go-to home brand at the moment.

Tasty Cribs is our new series where we give you a tour of some of the most stylish homes in the NYC area. It’s where some of the coolest people invite us into their apartment to show us how they styled it, while telling us a little bit about themselves and their decorating philosophies. With that being said, it only makes sense to start the series out strong by showing you the ultimate home-piration from a guy you are probably already very familiar with.

Patrick Janelle — or you probably know him as @aguynamedpatrick — is the king when it comes to Instagram. With over 400k followers and a style game that KILLS, it’s hard not to endlessly scroll for hours because each image is too perfect not to swoon over (seriously, just look at his account). So it was no surprise when we found out that Patrick’s home was just as stylish as his feed. As you can probably guess, Patrick is no stranger to keeping busy. With two companies underneath his belt, Spring Street Social Society and The Liquor Cabinet, it seems like he knows how to throw a good party. But even though Patrick is constantly on the go, his home is homely and inviting, just like his personality. Each piece in his home is perfectly curated to somehow flow seamlessly into each room by complementing each other down to the littlest detail. With two large windows, light cascades into the main room as it showers over decorative pieces. As you enter into the kitchen, a massive marble table invites you to sit. Its brass accents complements the navy blue wall, which happens to blend into the crevice of the hallway and introduces you to the bedroom which is covered in a cloud of Snowe bedding pieces. Patrick’s home is not shy when it come to color. Without being overwhelming, hints of reds and blues are mixed with metals and marble. But not only is his home visually stimulating, it’s also filled with innovation with having a built in desk that is a multifunctional storage unit, a floor-to-ceiling, 5-tier bar that is filled with liquor and spirits that a mixologist would drool over, and a closet that hangs over his bed that is constructed of industrial pipes. Without a doubt, Patrick’s home is fun, functional and so stylish that you could easily spend hours Instagraming it — and we are pretty sure that is what he intended.

Join us as Patrick invites us to his humble abode to explore the ins and outs of how he styled his home, where he got inspiration from, and some of his favorite stores to shop. And we also did a little shop the home to help get your home decor started, like, now!

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Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff

With three words, how would describe your home aesthetic?

Playful, eclectic, contemporary

If you could host a party at your house, who would love to invite and what would you serve?

My favorite kind of party is a cocktail soirée. I have established a pretty decent home bar, and I like to see all those bottle put to use. So, no vodka-and-mixer house party for me. Instead, I’ll have a bartender on hand to mix up some manhattans, sazeracs, margaritas, or mojitos.

Photo via Leslie Kirchoff

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff

If you can save one thing in your home from a fire what would that piece be?

My vintage Schwinn Paramount bicycle. My dad bought it in the early 70’s and used to race on it. He gave it to me when I moved to Los Angeles, and—in addition to using it for transportation—it’s a symbol for one of the things (cycling and the outdoors) that continues to bring my family together.

How do you normally relax after a long day of work in the comfort of your own home?

Truthfully, the work day rarely ends! More often than not, I’ll continue working on my laptop in bed until it’s time to sleep. But if I really shut down email for the night, I’m most likely to snuggle into bed, grab a glass of scotch, and catch up on my TV show of the moment.

When you shop for home decor, what  pieces do you normally gravitate towards?

I love small things that are beautiful, practical, and unnecessary. Favorite recent finds: crystal highball glasses, brass coasters, small brass spoons, and (another) throw for the sofa.

Are there any home decor trends that you are currently going crazy over?

Brass and marble. Anything.

A favorite memory of your childhood home that you try to incorporate into your current home?

My mom always had things: knickknacks, collectible tins, hand painted wall hangings. One of my chores growing up was dusting the house, and I always made sure each of those things was put back in the exact same spot when cleaning. My style is completely different, but I appreciate having things that you love and always having a special place just for those things.

Obviously you love living in SOHO and you compromise space over location. Why do you feel that way?

For a couple of reasons. One: Moving to New York City, there was always a dream of what that was and while a lot of people could have expected me to move to Brooklyn — because that is what my demographic does — I was really drawn to New York City for the lifestyle of Manhattan. And that’s what the dream was. I always loved this area. It was one of the first areas that I discovered, and I thought it was amazing. So, I moved there originally and because so many of my activities through my Instagram and Spring Street Social Society are really about this part of the city and centered around here. When I had to move to another apartment, I kept on putting in the search engines like ‘Oh, maybe Chelsea, or the East Village’ and every time a listing came up, and I saw the location location, I would just get this sense that I didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Photo via Leslie Kirchoff

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff

It sounds like you kind of want to step inside what inspires you.

Yeah, like you kind of want it to surround you.

Yeah, and especially with a small space, you did a beautiful job setting up your apartment  utilizing every inch. What were your thoughts when decorating a smaller apartment?

It was really important to me that I didn’t compromise both the needs that I have for the space and the design. For instance, I knew that I needed a desk, but the moment you put a standing desk in this room, it almost becomes a different thing and too crowded. So instead, we built in this thing that could really function both as a desk, a surface, and storage — which is huge. We talked about this bar and I knew that I wanted to have some sort of space to entertain. It’s not a ton of space, but I can have like four or five people over and serve them dinner and it’s perfect, because I could be cooking and prepping in the kitchen and everybody else is [by the table], so it really kind of brings the space together.

Talking about the bar. Can you talk a little bit about The Liquor Cabinet

So it’s this idea that I kind of had percolating for, like, five years and it wasn’t until about a year ago that it was coming to fruition because I had the means to kind of start something and build a small team. I also asked my brothers to start the company with me, so my two brothers and I are the cofounders. My brothers live in Colorado and Minnesota — we all work remotely. But the whole concept of The Liquor Cabinet is providing a place for people to find out more about cocktails and liquor. I think in a culture which people are increasingly interested in their food and drink, there are a lot of resources out there and there’s certainly a lot more content out there for beer and wine, but when it comes to liquor, there’s just not as much information out there. For instance, when you go to a liquor store — most liquor stores — the person behind the counter isn’t going to be able to help you out. You know, you expect that when you go to  a wine store, but when you go to a liquor store, it just doesn’t exist. So I really wanted to create a place where there are resources and you could sort of educate yourself and find out what you might be interested in drinking.

Where can you find The Liquor Cabinet?

It’s an app and a website. We are launching the app first, which will be released in April for the public. And the very first thing that we are offering is this app that will have cocktail recipes and profiles of bottles. You can compare bottles and see what you might be interested in and see what cocktails you can make with that bottle.

Are you a mixologist yourself? 

I am not myself. I am definitely an appreciator, but we actually brought on Maxwell Britten, he was the beverage manager of Maison Premiere. He just left Maison Premiere to work with us full time. So he is our official mixologist and industry expert. It was important to me that he was our first hire because this is so focused on content that we were coming at it from a strong point of view.

Do you have a certain philosophy when it comes to home design? And if so, how did you implement in your current home?

I decided a few years ago, it’s really about finding pieces that you love whenever you come across them and being willing to purchase something even if your whole place isn’t put together yet. Being willing to accumulate things as you go. I’m definitely more about finding things that I love and integrating them into something, as opposed to having to create the perfect environment. I mean, a lot of the things that I have in this place I bought, like my lighting fixtures and tables; I spend a lot of time looking for different things, but a lot of my favorite pieces are just things that I kind of found around. [For instance], all of my art stuff I collected over the past five, six, seven years — I think that is an important part of the process.

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff, Robe by Snowe Home

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff, Robe by Snowe Home

You worked with Homepolish to help feng shui the apartment to exactly how you wanted to. Can you elaborate a little on that process?

I got into the apartment and I love this space; it has big windows and lots of natural light and I love the exposed brick, but in terms of bringing it together and making it cohesive in this living environment, I needed someone to help me do that. When I first moved in here, the only furniture that I had was from my backyard, from my previous apartment. It was like these wooden benches from my backyard and stacks of books and this old cart that I used in my backyard. So it was really working with the designers to figure out having two small tables instead of one large coffee table, and I kind of had the idea of having a built in desk, but somebody help me realize that. And even the smaller details like painting the windowsills blue to tie it in with the wall and just understand the relationship of how everything works together. And it was really nice to have someone help me source things.

How does your personal style reflect your home?

I feel like I have a very eclectic style. It’s really about making every element a real thoughtful decision. So even though there’s a lot of various color and texture, it’s really about making sure that each individual element that I purchased and decided to bring into my home, is something that I really connected to and it has an aesthetic purpose and possibly a practical purpose as well.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your home?

I have so many. I love my two little tables and I actually bought them in a vintage store up in Hudson, but when I saw them from across the room, I thought they were tables, but when I got up closer, I realized they were stools because the tops have like this vinyl-patted seats on them, so I just replaced the vinyl-patted seats and had marble slats made for them. I love the bases so much and I just wanted to, like, bring them up to date. My apparatus is actually an incense burner. And these guys make amazing incense called Cinnamon Projects and all of their scents are based on the time of day. I especially love this painting, I found it in a thrift store in Frankfurt, Germany; when I lived in Germany. And I love it because it was just hanging there, distressed, and it wasn’t on a canvas or frame and it was so beautiful and I love the thought of me recusing it from this thrift store. I love the scissors that Amy gave to me. And my old camera. Before Instagram, I went through a period of photographing with polaroid cameras. And, of course, my bar is amazing. [For the table], I knew that I wanted a marble top, but the guy who made it said ‘Well, the whole thing of marble is going to be really expensive,’ and then he suggested to build some of it with brass. So we met in the middle, sort of, I still got a little bit more. And it’s practical because it’s really good for photography, too.

What are your recommendations when it comes to designing on a budget?

Yeah, I think it’s about finding a few key pieces that you are willing to splurge on and then allowing them to be the center piece. A lot of my key pieces are multi-functional, too, to which I can supplement with things that are not as costly, like at a thrift store or a West Elm. So I really think it’s about finding the key pieces that you want to spend a little more money on and then supplementing with things that are less expensive.

What’s your bedding philosophy? 

I invested in pillows that are a little bit more expensive. Honestly, good pillows and a good mattress are super important. These are things that you are going to invest in and have for a long time. Also, when I slipped into the Snowe sheets for the first time, well, it was love at first sleep.

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff

Photo cred: Leslie Kirchhoff | “Pillow Talk” Candle by Snowe Home

When it comes to your bathroom, do you try to make it a sanctuary? 

It’s not too much of a sanctuary. For me, a bathroom is really about utility, but anything in my life whether it’s for utility or entertaining, I want it to feel thoughtful as well. So with my bathroom, it’s really about keeping it nice and simple.

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1) Terrarium from Shu’s Flowers, 2) Custom marble table from Kent Steele Co., 3) White Bath Towels from Snowe, 4) Scissors from a gift from his business partner, Amy Virginia Buchanan, 5) Pillow Talk Candle from Snowe, 6) Copper gnome from Absolut Elyx, 7) Bathrobe from Snowe, 8) Side table from West Elm, 9) Ivory Sheet Set from Snowe, 10) Striped chair from West Elm.

In collaboration with Snowe.


Credits: Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff

Written by: Raven Ishak

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