Tasty Cribs: Inside Rosie D’Argenzio Killer Williamsburg Apartment

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

Warm, inviting, and dreamy —  that’s exactly what we thought when we visited One King’s Lane Director of Brand Marketing Rosie D’Argenzio‘s apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a cultural oasis unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Woods and rustic metals intertwine against vines of plants and picturesque shelvings. With every glance, each corner is Instagram-worthy due to weaves of intricate layers of vintage goods and homemade furnishings. The majority of D’Argenzio’s home is decked out with denim and white tones, while distinctive warm-hued natural elements and swoon-worthy textiles fill up the rest of the space. Her and her husband’s home is truly inspiring and makes us want to redecorate our own space. Plus, who knew a mural of wooden cutting boards could look so good!

For our second edition of Tasty Cribs, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Rosie at her humble abode where we ate watermelon and chatted about her favorite home good stores (Snowe and One King’s Lane are definitely on that list), how she takes a show-stopping interior shot, and more. Check out her Pinterest-worthy home below.


In three words, how would describe your home aesthetic?

Crazy plant lady? Jk, probably eclectic, a touch of global flare, layered. It’s a real blend of myself and my husband’s aesthetic as well as a blend of our cultures and family heritage. My husband is Indian and my family is Italian, so it’s got some bright colors and patterns which he loves, with some rustic touches which I love, and a layout for entertaining, which we both love.

What’s the most precious item in your home?

We have this beautiful brass side table that my husband inherited from his father. It has a beautiful brass top, with a hand carved floral detail on sculptural base. It’s from India, around 100 years old. I love it. My husband also made our dining table like 20 years ago out of pure function of needing a desk and not knowing that it was actually super stylish and it’s one of my fave things at home.

What are some of your favorite stores to shop for home decor?

I love shopping vintage and local. Sharktooth in Williamsburg has a sick rug collection. We go up to Hudson to go antiquing; I love Red Chair on Warren Street. When I lived in the Bay Area we would always go to the Alameda Flea Market, which is killer. When it comes to online shopping I love One Kings Lane, Snowe and 1st Dibbs for lusting after crazy antiques.  

A favorite memory of your childhood home that you try to incorporate into your current home?

I have so many memories of family and friends always stopping by and family dinners with my cousins. Having an open door policy and ability to impromptu entertain is something I love. From taking a cutting board off the wall for a cheese plate with wine, or a planned sit down dinner, I’m always game.

Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

Because you work at One Kings Lane, do you feel your profession has inspired your personal home aesthetic?

I think working in the shelter world for over 10 years has given me a great gift of exposure and access to some of the best designers in the world. I have a sincere appreciation for design as a trade, old school techniques, and timeless design. As I get older I try to invest in quality pieces and be more thoughtful about the pieces I bring home but it’s also super fun to pull the trigger on more trend driven things, like right now I want all the velvet things. All of them.  

While living with your SO has its perks, how did you guys manage to merge both of your aesthetics to make a cohesive narrative when it came to your home?

Luckily for me my dude takes my lead when it comes to home decor. He likes to weigh in on the more functional and structural elements. I make sure to take into account the fact that he loves color (which I don’t), so our rugs are pretty bright but more of the foundational pieces are a more neutral.

How does your personal style reflect your home?

In a very simplistic way, but that it’s unique and personal. I don’t dress by copying someone else’s outfit and I don’t decorate my home with someone’s else’s in mind. I want it to feel uniquely like us and not a carbon copy of something else.

What would you consider your most favorite room in your home and why?

Hmmmm… I love our bedroom. It’s super small but my pal Megan Pflug designed this sick headboard and wall treatment to take my bed from a white box to something super special, which also incorporates my love of chambray and leather (in the headboard materials). I also love my old tool cart turned turntable station with the gallery wall above it. So it might be a tie between those two spaces.

What’s the type of vibe you want your home to entail?

That it looks and feels like a representation of my personality, that it’s bubbly and fun, but considered. That it represents a blend of cultures and interests, like my husband and I. That it doesn’t feel too precious. I love when people grab a glass off our étagère turned bar station and just pour themselves a glass and get it crankin’. I want people to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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Your home is decorated with a lot of greenery. What is your secret to keeping plants alive?

Marry someone who can! I’ve heard not overwatering or under watering works well, too.

If money was no object, what home decor item would you buy right now?

Does a house count? I would replace all the lighting with Apparatus pieces. Love them.

How long did it take you to decorate your home? Did you always envision it to look this way or did it evolve over time?

When we moved here from SF, it was important to me that we decorated quickly. That we got art up, shelves hung, rugs layered — all the finishing touches. In my last apartment, I never fully finished the place and I think it becomes something that seeps into your psyche — this always slightly undone feeling. This time, I wanted to enjoy a finished space and not obsess over it.  

What would you say is the one home item everyone needs to splurge on?

It depends on what your lifestyle is! When I met my guy he worked hard and played hard and his splurge was a Tempurpedic mattress (it’s so nice). For me, I like entertaining to spending a bit too much on some vintage swivel chairs, and antique cutting boards was my jam. Bed linens are also are a great splurge…

Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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Where did you look for inspiration when it came to decorating your home?

Everywhere! Hotels, museum exhibitions, restaurants, all the fashion and shelter books (love what Amy Astley is doing with Architectural Digest recently). Axel Vervoordt is my fave designer, so always him. I’m always looking for inspo and already want to redesign my home (and go all in on some minimal vibes!)

Your Instagram feed is killer and you surely know how to take a good interior shot. What is one photography trick you can tell us on how to take a better interior photo?

Shoot in natural light. I never take any pics at home in low light. I always use the grid in the camera as basic as that sounds, it really helps to line up the interior lines of shelves, rugs, etc… Also, symmetrical interiors to do really well on Insta. So good light that isn’t too harsh, shadowy or low. Line up what’s in your frame with the grid and try to find moments that have balance to them.

Are there any home decor trends that you are currently going crazy over?

Velvet. I want a hunter green velvet sofa SO bad.

What would you consider is the most important element when it comes to creating a home instead of just living in a “house”?

Make it personal, make it yours. Make the space functional for how you would like to live, not just copying a trend that you saw on Pinterest. If you love entertaining, get a loveseat instead of big sectional, to make room for a farm table, because that’s where everyone will be hanging out. Also, display the things you love! The shelves above my dining table are filled with some functional pieces, but it’s mostly filled with tons of brass candlesticks, too many linens for a two-person household, plants, cameras, ceramic pieces… all the things I love. Don’t hide them away.

Photo cred: Evan

Photo cred: Evan Robinson

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In collaboration with Snowe.


Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Evan

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