The Classy St. Paddy’s Day Pub Cocktail Bar Crawl

Here at TTS, we don’t do St. Paddy’s Day in the traditional sense. It’s just not our style. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t care to indulge on a little whiskey in honor of our favorite drinking holiday. This time, we decided to spice things up a bit and challenge you (and us) to a bit of a classier bar crawl– the cocktail bar crawl.

Instead of the usual Irish-pub crawl, here are 7 cocktail bars mapped out from downtown to uptown highlighting a whiskey/bourbon/scotch cocktail to order in lieu of the traditionally Jamo-filled holiday. Have a ball– crawl from Uptown to Downtown if your final destination is below 14 street or vice versa if you’re an “Uptown girl” like myself. Just please don’t blame your hangover on us.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog – Financial District

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

photo via The Dead Rabbit

Start your St. Patrick’s Day crawl in FiDi by tipping your hat to The Dead Rabbits proprietor Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry who coincidently are Ireland Natives. This multi level “saloon” will ease you into the journey ahead. Whether you stick to the first floor in the Taproom where a pint or a thimble of whiskey can be found or you can venture upstairs to the posh cocktail parlor where you can sample one of the many elaborate concoctions from a menu of a whopping 72 drinks.

Suggested Cocktail:  Whiskey Daisy á La Fouque, this refreshing drink of Whiskey, Citrus, Raspberry and Rhubarb is an easy drink to kick off the night on the right foot.  30 Water Street, (646) 422-7906

Sel Rrose- Lower East Side

Sel Rrose

photo via Urban Daddy

Step into this Parisian-like loft bar to subside your pint slinging ways at Sel Rrose, located on the corner of Bowery at Delancey.  This  homage to early 20th century Paris is the perfect place to sip your cocktail like a lady (or gentleman). The cocktail menu will indulge your senses with a focus on exotic syrups, fragrant bitters and aromatic garnishes accompanied with a rotation of seasonal oyster selections.

Suggested Cocktail: Le Moult, a mixture of whiskey, orange liqueur and Bonal Gentiane-quin– a French aperitif of prunes and grapes that may be a bit much at first but leaves a complex taste that will have you going for seconds. 1 Delancey Street.

Margaux at The Marlton Hotel- Greenwich Village

Margaux at The Hotel Marlton

photo via Margaux

Make your way crosstown to this Greenwich Village gem, Margaux, located in the The Marlton Hotel.  The creators of The Jane and Bowery Hotel created a new mystical sister hotel at this old dormitory from the 1900s. This quaint hotel lobby bar with cherry red mini banquets and eclectic art takes you back to the “Beats” era where everyone and anything was just plain cool.

Suggested Cocktail: The Greenwich Gold, a bourbon-based cocktail soothed with honey, citrus and allspice. 5 West 8th Street, (212) 321-0100

The Tippler at The Chelsea Market- Meatpacking District

The Tippler

photo via The Tippler

Beverage alums Paul Tanguay and Tad Carducci aka “The Tippling Brothers” have transformed the basement of The Chelsea Market into The Tippler, a cavernous drinking-well with a comfortable “speakeasy-ish” atmosphere. With its mixed crowd of after work locals from Google, Food Network, and the professional drinkers at Moët Hennessey, you are bound to meet someone with great taste and maybe even a Google+ profile. So make sure to have your game face on– you still have a couple of more stops after sipping the suggested cocktail below.

Suggested Cocktail: The Crippler, okay not the usual Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon cocktail, but who can turn down a drink called “The Crippler” on such a libatious holiday? This Long-Island ice tea inspired cocktail made up of rye, rum, mezcal, chartreuse and Austrian tea liqueur should have you tippling by now. Three more to go. Brace yourself. 425 West 15th Street, (212) 206-0000

The Rum House- Times Square

The Rum House

photo via The Rum House

Now that you are nice and “primed,” head to the Edison Hotel, located in the heart of Times Square, to The Rum House.  This once local haunt for Broadway’s royalties was revamped in 2011. Although cleaned up a bit, the piano bar continues to capture its original charm. The Rum House boasts an extensive list of rums and whiskeys along with a classic cocktail menu of sorts. Get comfy at one of the leather bar stools and enjoy some live music from the original piano that has withstood the test of time.

Suggested Cocktail: The George Cohan. Co-owner, Kenneth McCoy, created a bourbon-spiked interpretation of the Orange Julius with a dash of sweet orange zest, Cocchi Americano, and egg whites. 228 West 47th Street, in the Edison Hotel, (646)-490-6924

 Hudson Malone- Midtown East

Hudson Malone

photo via Hudson Malone

Former PJ Clarke’s bartender Doug Clarke recently opened Hudson Malone, a cocktail-pub paying homage to “old New York” where he has established a new home for some of PJ’s “original” regulars. Abided by some basic laws from Jim Quinn such as “nothing is stronger then gentleness,” Clark has made this welcoming solace the perfect place to drop in before heading back uptown. Winding down? A hearty food menu with a perfectly prepared martini is just what you need at the majestic mahogany bar!

Suggested Cocktail: Bobby Burns is a play on the Rob Roy where this scotch martini is finished with Bénédictine, an herbaceous cognac based liqueur. 218 East 53rd Street, (212) 355-6607

Jbird Cocktails -Upper East Side

Jbird Cocktails

photo via Jbird

Ever get the feeling you just need one more drink before heading home? Stop by Jbird Cocktails, one of the Upper East Side’s first hidden cocktail lounges who are known for their fizzes, swizzles and other boozy delights. Upon entering, steer towards the right door and grab a seat along the white Carrera marble communal table– or if you’re rolling deep with a crowd, ask for a back booth.

Suggested Cocktail: Honey-Nut Old-Fashioned, the perfect nightcap to end the evening with roasted peanut bourbon, honey and aromatic bitters. 339 East 75th Street, (212) 288-8033

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