Carry On: The Essential Brands to Travel With

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The days may be getting longer, but the cold air still has us dragging. Ordering piña coladas at happy hour isn’t enough to trick us — it’s time for a mid-winter getaway. The hardest part about traveling is getting there (hey, no one taught us how to pack light!), so with that in mind we’re rounding up the essential brands you need to travel with. From the luggage to in-flight skincare, these are the must-have products to bring in your carry on. View our list below, and bon voyage!

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What you bring on your travels is just as important as what you put it in, which is why Away is our go-to for modern, sleek luggage. Each style is compartmentalized for organization (God knows we need it) and features a handy USB port — perfect for when you’ve drained your battery before you even leave the runway. As part of the Pack Your Bag campaign, Away is partnering with KOIO, The Arrivals, and Pop & Suki through the end of the month so you can snag the perfect kicks, wardrobe, and wallet to keep you chic and organized.

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The best part about a quickie vacay? You don’t even need to check your bag. The worst part? Finding TSA-compliant makeup. As if you needed another reason to love Glossier, their bare-faced essentials all fall within the 3oz regulation. Cult favorites like the Phase 2 set, Balm Dotcom and Haloscope will keep you looking alive, even if you caught the red-eye.

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Plane temperatures can be unpredictable (much like New York). Chances are that whether your destination is cold or warm, you’ll need to layer it on pre-flight. Bring along a cozy scarf from White + Warren. The made-for-traveling cashmere wraps drape a million different ways, so you can nail that model-off-duty look.

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Traveling is stressful — period. It wreaks havoc on your skin, sleep cycle, and mood no matter how much of a seasoned pro you are. The easiest way to keep your body’s rhythm in check is to hydrate (and we don’t mean at the airport bar!). Toss a little 9oz S’well bottle in your bag for good measure, and make sure to fill it up once you pass security.

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Sheet masks are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of our time: they allow you to get glowy on the go for a fraction of the cost of a good facial. Shiseido is a tried-and-true brand for skincare, and their easy-to-apply masks are the perfect way to keep your skin clear in flight. Their unique offerings include two-part masks, brightening treatments, and soothing eye masks to combat dull skin.

Written by Kirby Kelly

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