Here’s What Was Trending At NYFW FW 2017

Backstage at Prada Spring 2017
Photo Cred: Kuba Dabrowski / WWD

People, you can slow down now. NYFW is officially over and as always, there’s a bittersweet feeling about it. But we’re here to brighten up your day with the styles you should adopt and treat as your baby in 2017. Because fashion is always ever-changing, there are some prominent styles that have insisted on taking over the season — or more like have insisted on staying for another season. But not to worry, these designers have reinvented our beloved trends in the freshest of ways. And of course, we can never leave out the numerous hints directed to our the president on the runway this past week. It’s needless to say that yes, Prabal, we are all with you.


Photo Cred: Vogue / Umberto Fratini /

We have plenty to say about the current events in our country. Let me not sugar coat it: I’m talking about 2017’s presidential election. Although at this point, dragging on about the president is exhausting, it is needless to say that the most effective and zen way to express your feelings is through what you love and what you do. AKA wearing a T-shirt that says: “this is what a feminist looks like” is pretty harmless but effective in getting your point across. That’s why we’re giving two thumbs up to the designers that stepped up the plate and encouraged political enthusiasm in a peaceful way. Yes, Public School, “Let’s Make America New York.”



Photo Cred: Vogue Runway

DVF is the kind of woman who definitely knows what other women want to wear. Here she has not only adopted this adored trend but has made us want to wear stripes left and right for our spring wardrobes.



Photo Cred: Vogue / J. Mendel

It is safe to say that modest dressing has taken over the fashion industry (except for the very daring trend coming up next). Anyways, this genius dress from J Mendel is a tea party girl’s dream.



Photo Cred: Vogue / Umberto Fratini /

As we said before, modest dressing takes a break with this one trend: see through. This very daring movement has been on our radar as of late and although models may go braless on the runway, it is still chic AF to wear something sheer with a bra underneath for those who aren’t really down to freeing the nipple on the regular.



Photo Cred: Vogue / Luca Tombolini /

As time goes on, we want to be comfortable AF when it comes to the clothes we wear. That’s why we couldn’t leave out the oversized trend. Nowadays it seems like the saying “the bigger, the better” is truly coming out unless were talking about bags, then the smaller the prettier.



Photo Cred: Vogue / Yannis Vlamos /

Whether it’s oversized statement sleeves or an off-the-shoulder top, be sure to see something going on with the sleeves of your favorite designers. Here Michael Kors implemented our two favorite sleeve trends the oversized call and the-not-there-at-all sleeve.



Photo Cred: Vogue / Marcus Tondo

If there is a woman that definitely knows what she’s doing it’s Tory Burch. Along with DVF, her intuition of women’s fashion is right on point. This season she embraced one particular pattern which is plaid. Hi, plaid thanks for coming back! I didn’t even know I missed you.


Written by Carolyn Compres

Featured Image by Kuba Dabrowski / WWD

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