Under the Radar: East Village

Here at TTS, we’re all about flying under the radar. It gets exhausting keeping up with the ever-changing “high-profile” New York landscape, so we’ve decided to start a new feature uncovering the best under the radar staples in each neighborhood. We’ve asked around to find three cocktail bars, three restaurants, and three shops, vetted and recommended by some of East Village’s finest locals. Special shout out to Adam Kirsch, Owner of Blind Barber, Anthony D’Arganzo of Zio & Sons and Chrissy Pollina, our resident clean eater, for their contributions to this post.

Today we present to you Under the Radar: East Village.

Cocktail Bars:

1. The Wayland

The motto: “Cold Drinks. Good Food. Music” I mean, what more can you ask for?


(Photo via thewaylandnyc.com)

2. Pouring Ribbons

Pouring Ribbons is known for serving Chartreuse, the intensely herbal, ancient liqueur made in secrecy by Carthusian monks. Or if you’re into something more fruity, try the Prabu Punch which consists of bourbon, orange, garam masala, pumpkin syrup, curry lea.


(Photo via pouringribbons.com)

3. Evelyn

With a warm and woodsy atmosphere, Evelyn is a “nod to our ancestry, our industry and our neighborhood.” Delicious cocktails and a mellow mood, this cocktail bar is not to be missed.


(Photo via Evelynnyc.com)


1. Dieci

This tiny space serves up Italian-Japinese fusion, two cuisines that apparently fuse incredibly well. With dishes ranging from gnocchi to ramen, and a fabulous earl grey creme brûlée for desert, it’s well worth the visit.


(Photo via whatshieats.com)

2. Edi & The Wolf

Authentic Australian food, including Spätzle and Kaiserschmarrn. Don’t know what either of these are? Head over to Edi & The Wolf to find out. Also, we strongly believe that their interior design is one of East Village’s finest.


(Photo via www.icrave.com)

3. Goat Town

Known for growing many of their own vegetables in their fantastic back yard garden, Goat Town serves up fresh oysters, buckwheat risotto, and is open for a killer brunch.


(Photo via goattownnyc.com)


1. Verameat

Handcrafted in  New York City from pure silver to 14k gold, each Verameat piece is die to for. And their brand practically embodies  East Village culture.


(Photo via Bangstyle.com)

2. Odin

An AMAZING men’s store, carrying high variety of quality bands. Fellas, you can find your off-the-beaten-track look right here.


(Photo via parkermanis.com)

3. The 9th Street Haberdashery

A killer vintage boutique in the heart of the East Village with items from the 1920s to pre 1960s denim. Established in only 2012, the 9th Street Haberdashery has managed to “cultivate a look that is vintage yet current with discernible sophistication.”


(Photo via 9thstvintage.com)


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