Update Last Year’s Coffee Table Books to This Year’s Coffee Table Looks

Photo Cred: Skurniture

Here at TTS, we understand the on-the-go girl. With long to-do lists, it’s hard to squeeze in that extra time to curl up with a book. Which is why we curated a few books for your coffee table! Coffee table books are great for when you have friends and family over — and can even be great conversation starters, too. So put away last year’s reads and bring on the art books.  We created a selection of eight books that are fun, quirky, and for girls who are on-the-go like you.

Elisabeth Charlotte, more so known as Pipilotti Rist, is a visual artist who works with moving images and video that are displayed as projections. Pipilotti recently had an exhibit at the New Museum called Pixel Forest. Unfortunately, the show ended January 15, 2017, but lucky for you the Pixel Forest Catalogue came out! If you want a sneak peek of what you can expect in this art catalog check out #pixelforest.

Before you run to Twitter to alert the BeeHive, let us explain: this collection of poems by Morgan Parker uses Bey as a pop-culture reference to decode pop-culture itself, modern media, feminism, and black womanhood in America. Still, don’t trust it? See here for yourself.

If you’ve never been to a rave then this is totally the book for you. When it comes to color it honestly can’t get any better thanks to Hatje Cantz. With flowers, sequins, and lollipops this book will for sure take you on a trip.

Speaking of color, Brooklyn sculptor, Matthew Ronay’s artist book documents a series of his major museum presentations in the U.S. This book is full of fun visuals and will really be a great add on to your coffee table this spring!

Ariel Levy’s story is one for the books (pun intended). This text screams the motto “Girls Doing Whatever TF they Want in 2017.” Levy explains how she’s adjusted to life handing her lemons and evolved when shit hit the fan to reinvent herself into the woman she was meant to be in her memoir. This book comes out March 14th, 2017. Purchase this dark-humored tale of a revolution in womanhood here.

RTW designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, widely known for defying norms within the world of design, compiled a collection of “wearable art” in a photography book. These couture pieces are not only jaw dropping but really give you a prime example of how art and fashion collide in the most beautiful way.

Poet Jenny Zhang will be offering us a collection of stories about girls growing up in the city. Zhang will “bring you tender and chaotic hearts of adolescent girls growing up in New York City.” This book comes out August 2017, pre-order your copy now!

Fashion is an archive and no one tells this better than Hamish Bowles in his photo collection of parties, exhibitions, and people. From Chanel to Savage Beauty The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute exhibition is the most eye-catching one-of-a-kind event.  

Written by Caela Collins

Feature image via Skurniture

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