This Walkthrough of PROJECT by Equinox Is the Next Fitness Place Your Body Will Love

Photo: Jason Rappaport for Equinox

Before wellness and fitness became trendy, non-athletic humans alike would freak out when they’d hear the word “gym.” The thought of going to a building that housed equipment that’s supposed to make you feel stronger and better was absurd and downright tortuous. Nowadays, we’re ecstatic to take spin cycle classes and hot yoga sessions. Honestly, what have we’ve become? But even though these fitness destinations can cure our gym-sesh cravings, they’re created to work for everyone at a large scale — sans personalizing the experience for each individual person. While this isn’t a bad thing, Equinox has concocted a new project for you to try — don’t worry, you won’t get graded on it.

PROJECT by Equinox puts passion at the forefront for their latest venture. Marrying innovation and fitness, the trainers at PROJECT by Equinox are there to help you create your own workout journey from start to finish. With dozens of classes to choose from, you can personalize your session based on a trainers’ passion project. From joining the Chisel Club with trainer Lauren Williams or knocking out a HIIT class with Boss Babe Kirsty Godso, we guarantee you’ll be working up a sweat. Plus, did we mention you don’t need a membership from Equinox to take one of their classes? Yessiree Bob.

Photo: Jason Rappaport for Equinox

While we could write love letters all day about why the trainers and their classes have stolen our hearts, what makes Project by Equinox special is the space itself. Nestled on Mulberry Street, lays a studio oasis where collaboration and freethinking are welcomed. It begins in the entry where you’re greeted with white-bricked walls and Scandinavian-industrial-like decor. Before your class, you can place all your belongings in the lockers, where each has USB ports to charge your tech while you work your booty off, and a water station where you can refill your water bottle with their premium water that has a 7x advanced purification system. While there isn’t a formal locker room, there’s a bathroom with complimentary products at their vanity area and a cool-down lounge where you can chill before and after your class.

However, the studio is where all the magic happens: In addition to the wall-to-wall mirrored closet that’s filled with so many different types of exercise equipment that it’ll make a trainer cry happy tears, there are pull-up bars and multi-colored lights to help transform the mood of the space. And if you want to show all your friends on social media how hard you’ve been working out, PROJECT by Equinox has equipped a video station in the corner of the room with lights, SLR digital cameras, and a microphone, so you can record yourself (look, Ma, no hands!).

Ultimately, Equinox’s new space, PROJECT by Equinox, is going to be the next fitness spot your (and our) body will crave — and we’re not even mad about it.

Sign up and book a class to begin your own project here, and while you’re at it, follow them on Insta here.

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Written by Raven Ishak

Photography via Jason Rappaport for Equinox

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