Wearable Tech: 17 Pieces That Are Actually Stylish

Wearable tech is hot right now, but so much of it either looks like gadgets strapped on a rubber bracelet, or like something you’d have worn to a nightclub circa 2003. Here are 17 pieces of wearable tech that you’d wear even if they didn’t have extra function to go with the fashion.

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photo cred: Nadia X

Yogis, listen up! The Nadi X from Wearable Experiments (one of my fave wearables brands) is truly innovative: a pair of connected yoga pants that uses haptic vibrations to correct your form. You’re no longer on your own – these tights offer varying levels of vibration depending on the position and angle of your body. Technology as teacher… love it.

Learn more about the Nadi X and Wearable Experiments here.


Photo cred: CuteCircuit

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It’s hard to pick only one wearable to show you from the groundbreaking designers at CuteCircuit, but if I have to pick one, it’d be the Mirror Handbag–a chic way to add self expression to a special occasion. The handbag features laser-etched mirror over programmable LEDs, which can be changed using the proprietary app.

The company’s creative director was formerly a designer at Valentino, and her insider fashion savvy shows in all of their designs–which is probably part of the reason why Katy Perry is a frequent customer.

Explore – and shop – CuteCircuit’s stuff right here.

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Photo cred: Simply Organized

How can you spot someone from the fashion tech tribe? They’re wearing a Ringly. This smart ring (and now, bracelet) are as helpful as they are chic. Hidden inside the semi-precious gemstones are electronics that gently vibrate and light up a pre-determined color, to let the wearer secretly know anything from when the boss is calling to when the Uber has arrived.

Buy Ringly here.


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Photo courtesy of Bocca

Photo courtesy of Bocca

SIREN is a new NYC-based startup whose focus is on personal safety. Their first product, the SIREN Ring, was borne from its founder’s desire to provide women with devices that can help keep women safe. This ring emits a super loud alarm that can overwhelm and repel a potential assailant – and to draw attention. It can stay charged for up to three months on a single charge, works without a smartphone, and is super chic.

Other security focused wearables to check out are Oura Ring and Roar for Good.

Buy Siren here.

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Photo cred: Tech Crunch

Who wants to feel more Zen? You do.

Zenta is the latest wearable from London-based wellness startup Vinaya, makers of the Altruis. This wearable bridges the gap between body and mind, tracking not just activities and sleep, but also emotion tracking, which is done through heart rate variability, electromagnetic activity, and oxygen levels. The goal of the wearable, as well as the goal of most of our lives, is to optimize our lives for more happiness.

Other wearables that focus on emotional well-being include Muse, a brain-sensing headband; Moodmetric, a biosensitive mood ring; and Thync, a system to deliver “pulsed neurostimulation waveforms” to help you be more energized or relaxed.

Read more about Zenta here.

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Photo cred: Tinsel

I always say that in order for wearable tech to work, the technology has to disappear. Here’s a great example of just that – – inside this sexy necklace lives a pair of audiophile approved headphones. The Tinsel’s earbuds are even custom designed to fit a woman’s ears. Sounds great to me.

Read more about Tinsel here, and reserve yours here.

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Photo cred: Aolcdn

We all want to optimize our workouts, and this soon-to-be-released bra hides a sophisticated wearable that can help us do just that. The OMsignal bra records real-time biometric data and information about your workout, which can be analyzed and crunched to give you helpful feedback about ways to get fitter, faster. The bra tracks breathing, heart rate, and more – and of course, it’s a fitness tracker, too.

Sign up to learn more about the OMsignal bra here.

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Photo cred: PeoplePeople

Why limit your pin collection? With this digital pin from Pins Collective, you can update the design as often as you want to using the app and the 16-bit color screen. Choose from a wide selection of designs, design your own, or even throw a gif on there. Why not?

Preorder the digital pin here.

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Photo cred: Slate

Iris Apfel turned 95 this week. Happy birthday to the style icon! She also happens to be the face of the Socialite Collection from WiseWear, a line of luxury smart jewelry. In addition to being a fitness and activity tracker and a notifications wearable, the bracelets can also send out a distress call is the wearer needs some help. Now that looks good!

Shop the collection here.

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Photo cred: Allure

Hot off the presses, this new suite of cutesy wearables will be available later this fall. Ranging from a tracker to a smartwatch, these adorable pieces show that technology doesn’t have to be futuristic or gadget-y looking; it can offer added functions and be cute to boot.

Read more about them here.

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