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As #BossBabes, we tend to put all our focus on our careers, and sometimes, let our wellness fall by the wayside (guilty!). But even though we want to succeed, the only way we will triumph (and not completely burnout) is if we remember to put numero #1 (AKA us) on the top of our to-do list. But honestly, who has the time to nurture themselves when they have hundred of emails to answer, meetings to attend, and glass ceilings to crush? Well, today’s ladies have answered our prayers by creating a kick-ass wellness experience to help cleanse our busy lives.

How You Glow is a wellness site that will put your lifestyle into hyperdrive. After being introduced to each other through a mutual friend, Jessie Groveman and Tara Sowlaty instantly clicked due to their similar visions and lifestyles. In addition to their already successful careers (Jessie is a certified yoga instructor and art therapist and Tara is a natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist), they decided to create How You Glow to help others achieve their own “glow” through yoga practices, nutrition, creativity, and beauty. And while the site mostly focuses on health-driven content, they believe indulging in your guilty pleasures every chance you get. All in all, this site might be the Fountain of Youth we’ve been looking for.

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Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda


Jessie (pictured right above): Larchmont, New York

Tara (pictured left above): Los Angeles, California — LA born and raised

Current location:

Jessie: Santa Monica, California

Tara: LA

Must-have healthy snack:

Jessie: Crudite with hummus or guacamole, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, brown rice with avocado drizzled with soy sauce, Sriracha and sesame seeds, Omusube from Sunny Blue, ripe figs (when in season) or dried figs with almond butter, I also love a little bowl of Gjusta granola with yogurt and berries.

Tara: I love snacking!! I eat literally all day. Everything from fresh fruit, to dried nuts, to Perfect Bars, to sauerkraut. I eat dried mulberries and golden berries daily. Yogurt with rose jam is one of my favorites, and figs all day when they’re in season. I’ve been on bit of a protein kick so I try to get it in as much as I can.

Best way to end a productive day?

Jessie: Watching the sunset on the beach and then walking to enjoy a delicious meal in our neighborhood with my soon-to-be husband! A massage would be nice, too.

Tara: With my boyfriend, either us cozy in bed with candles + incense for some good chills OR out dancing and hanging with friends. Both are the best.

Beauty product you can’t live without:

Jessie: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, Oribe Hair Texturizing Spray, Earth Tu Face Skin Stick

Tara: I’m obsessed with Vintner’s Daughter face oil, it’s magical and smells incredible, and it leaves my face literally glowing.

Top three items everyone should have in their closet:

Jessie: The Glow Robe from Helena Quinn, a dress from Christy Dawn, Overalls from Lily Ashwell.

Tara: A perfect hat. A really good go-to vintage belt. Sneakers that can transition from day to night.

  1. Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

    Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Go-to LA restaurants:


I’m obsessed with food and restaurants so I could go on and on… but here are a few:

Cassia: South East Asian food in a very vibey setting with great cocktails. There’s usually quite a long wait but you can go have a glass of wine at Esther’s wine bar next door which is also very lovely.

Cha Cha Chicken: I LOVE Jerk Chicken and this place has some of the best in LA. It is BYO, Bob Marley is always on the speakers and you can eat outside close to the ocean, so it’s pretty much a perfect establishment in my book.

Sweetfin Poke: Perfect quick, healthy flavorful meal. My fiancé and I always crave this spot.

Casa Linda: I love sitting outside on the back patio. We always get the Casa Linda Salad, without cheese, and a carne asada bowl with brown rice and pinto beans. It is healthy and delicious!! If we’re feeling naughty we get the nachos too.

Hinterland: Order a bottle of cold Chablis and the pork chop. Thank me later.

Speranza: Great spot for a romantic date or fun group dinner on the east side. I love sitting in the garden. They’ve got delicious, affordable wine and solid Italian food with a great vibe.


Sqirl for breakfast or lunch for the Sorrel Brown Rice pesto bowl + kale + extra hot sauce

Yu&Mi Sushi for their Spicy Tuna #2 Roll.

Madeo’s for the best pasta (Penne Madeo or Spaghetti Bolognese) and pizza.

Tatsu Ramen for the Hippie Ramen with an egg.

Sycamore Kitchen for their Italian Chopped Salad + Double BLTA Sandwich.

La Scala for the grilled chicken Chopped Salad, I add pepperoncini, cucumber, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Esquela Taqueria for their chewy chips + guac, chicken burrito, and OG Hardshell tacos.

Joan’s on Third for their Chinese Chicken Salad (with grilled chicken) and the Turkey Club.

AOC for their amazing wine, oven-baked focaccias, cheese plates, Spanish Fried Chicken, vegetable sides, and Roasted Chicken.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Describe your healthy living philosophy:

Jessie:  I personally believe that pleasure is a huge element of health. Find the foods that make you feel good, the exercise that is fun and enjoyable, and the self-care practices that nurture your inner world. Just because you read that something is “healthy” in a book does not mean that it is healthy for you as an individual. If we get in touch with our intuition and get to know ourselves, we will not need someone else to tell us what diet to go on or what work out regimen to stick to… health should not be a chore, it should be a lifestyle that promotes happiness and feeling your best.

Tara: Happiness and radiance is how I approach healthy living. It’s not something that I consistently think or stress about, it’s a natural approach where I gravitate to the things that make me most vibrant. It’s about eating the foods that make [me] happy, from my morning smoothie bowls to the best and most indulgent cookies around. It’s about moving and dancing and listening to music on a consistent basis. It’s about traveling to new places and really digging deep into someone else’s culture. It’s about having thriving and ever-evolving friendships and relationships with my loved ones. It’s about working on myself to be the best version of me that I can possibly be. It’s about taking time to be by myself, meditating, living through my personal rituals that make me feel cleansed and energized. Tapping into all of these facets of life on a consistent basis are what healthy living is really all about for me.

Tell us a little bit about how you guys met and came up with How You Glow?

Jessie: Tara and I were introduced through our mutual friends, the Arlook sisters. They knew that we had to meet each other because of our total obsession with good food as well as our background in wellness. Tara is a nutritionist/chef and I am a yoga teacher and art therapist. Our individual expertise really complements one another so we decided to join forces and create something together. We wanted to create a beautiful wellness experience to inspire people everywhere to expand their horizons and live their most vibrant life.

Tara: Around three years ago we were introduced by mutual friends who thought we had to meet and collaborate. I cooked for Jessie and she taught me yoga and the rest was kinda history. We really connected because we have similar visions of what it means to live a healthy and happy life; a glow from within. Initially we wanted to create a physical wellness space with food, yoga, and everything in between, but we decided that we could reach a lot more people if we did it online. So we created an Instagram [account] and [started] gathering tons of content for our website and [began] this journey we call How You Glow.

What are some tricks or hacks you guys do to help you maintain your own “daily glow”?

Jessie: Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial! Drink hot water with lemon before bed and spray a little lavender essential oil on the pillows, it will help you wind down before bed. Have a special morning and night time routine that starts and ends the day consciously with intention. Dip into the ocean as much as possible, even if you have five minutes, it makes such a difference, waking you up to a whole other level. If you don’t live near the ocean, take a cold shower. Sweat as much as possible and try to spend time in nature. Eat unprocessed, whole, organic foods and drink lots of water during the day. Spend time laughing, dancing, and loving. Take time away from technology — put your phone on airplane mode. Get massages. Be grateful, and express it.

Tara: Drinking turmeric shots as much as possible. Hot water with lemon as a night cap. Lots of water during the day. Getting a good sweat a few days a week. A personal meditation practice. Dancing and listening to music. Eating delicious food. Taking care of my skin. Drawing and getting creative. Hanging out with family and friends. Working hard. Candles. Essential Oils. Palo Santo. Good sleep.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Jessie: Your background involves being an art therapist and yoga instructor. How do those careers influence your current role?

I still teach yoga and lead art therapy sessions regularly. It really puts things into perspective working in a treatment center a few days a week — the LA wellness and “blogger” world can be a bit of a bubble, so it is important to remember that many people are really struggling and are looking for ways to feel connected. I try to bring the best of what I learn through How You Glow into my professional practice to give people varied tools to use to bring some happiness and glow into their lives. I’m grateful that I can be immersed in so many professional worlds simultaneously that all complement each other.

How do you overcome those days where you feel like you can’t just win?

Jessie: I spend time in nature — either a walk on the beach, a dip in the ocean or a hike. The vastness of nature really puts small human problems or a bad mood into perspective. I also make sure to do the things that make me feel good — yoga, a hug from my fiancé, a good cup of coffee or a delicious meal is all that’s needed to turn my day around. FaceTiming with my adorable niece Audra is also sure to do the trick.

Tara: We all have those days when things are just not going the way we want them too. It’s important to just embrace it and feel it and know that the day/moment/stress will pass. On these days I hold onto my crystals a little tighter, try to journal and draw, light incense + palo santo, and really just take it as easy as possible. Connecting to myself on these days are the most crucial, because the way I see it is that the universe [is] kinda giving me a sign to slow down and check in with myself.

What would you say is the key to living a very successful life?

Jessie: First and foremost, love and be loved. A life rich in love is the ultimate success. Live the life YOU want, not the life you think other people want or what you think people expect of you. If you are trying to please others, no success will ever deeply fulfill you. Spend time with people that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life. Focus on what you have instead of what you’re lacking. Continually challenge yourself and set intentions for the reality that you want to create. Realize that life is about the journey, not the destination. Value pleasure!!! Be an honest, good person. Like attracts like; if you radiate goodness, you will be a magnet for good things in this world. Plus, you’ll sleep way better at night 🙂

Tara: The key to a very successful life is feeling confident and happy with your actions and thoughts. When these two things are aligned AND you’re happy, that’s success.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Tara: Being a holistic nutritionist, what would you say are some of the best way people can be more mindful when it comes to their food?

Mindfulness is a game changer when it comes to food. Being present with your meal literally makes your food taste different. First off, try to eliminate distractions like TV, your cell phone, and any extra noise that will distract you from the meal. (Side note: some people take this to the extreme as if they are an ascetic monk living in the Himalayas and then don’t keep up this practice. Don’t be so extreme here, you really just want to make your plate of food your main focus, whatever that means to you. The whole point is to add in a mindful practice that you can actually upkeep in your daily lifestyle, leaving you with a lasting positive shift.) Think about the flavors, textures, and mouth-feel. Chew your food more slowly and savor the taste. Be grateful for the meal, think about who prepared it, how they prepared it, what it took to get to your table. When you connect to your food and pay attention to what you’re eating, you also notice when you’re actually full, and you will respect yourself and your meal to know when to finish.

What would you say was the biggest challenge creating a website from scratch with a friend? What about the least challenging?

Jessie: The least challenging part about it is that it is all driven by our interests and passions— there is no one telling us what to do and it often feels wayyy more like play than work. The hardest part is creating structure and sticking to it, since we are both pretty laid back and go-with-the-flow.

Tara: Let’s start with the positives — I really believe in the power of collaboration, so creating a website with a friend is really awesome. Two minds are better than one, and having someone to work off of who has a similar vision and vibe is the best. Through How You Glow, we really just want to share goodness with others, and all the while Jessie and I get to experience it all together. Some of the challenges in starting something from scratch is definitely that no one is telling us to shut it off and go home. Especially in the beginning, it was a seriously hustle and grind from the second we woke up to the minute we shut our eyes. We definitely have a way better handle of things and balance three years in, but in the beginning it was certainly a whirlwind.

Why did you feel it was important to incorporate more wellness into your life?

Jessie: Because it feels so good to feel good! Wellness practices balance me and allow me to be the best version of myself. When I’m in a balanced, healthy state, I can help others to achieve that as well.

Tara: Wellness is super important to me because it makes me feel as vibrant as possible. For me, wellness isn’t about green juice and working out, it’s about living a full and well-rounded life filled with all the goodness. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 14 and because of that I wanted to learn how to heal myself through food— that was the beginning of my personal journey of getting in touch with my body. Wellness is a form of personal knowledge and empowerment — learning what your body needs and how to make it as thriving as possible.


Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

What is the one thing you wish people will take away when they visit How You Glow?

Jessie: I hope How You Glow ignites excitement and curiosity in people, providing guidance on how to integrate a balanced approach to wellness and pleasure into daily living.

Tara: I hope that when people visit How You Glow they feel brighter, inspired, and motivated to try something new and add something positive into their life. Be it a recipe tip, travel inspiration, or an awesome song, I hope people feel changed for the better.

Where do you hope to see How You Glow in the next few years?

Jessie: The cool thing is that How You Glow evolves with our interests and personal growth, so the possibilities are endless. I hope to see How You Glow expand globally. It would be amazing if we could partner with an airline to create wellness/lifestyle content for vibrant travel. Glowy products are definitely in our future, too!

Tara: I hope to see How You Glow continue to flourish and inspire others. I hope to see it transcribe into more tangible products that add glow into people’s lives. And, I hope it takes us to more amazing places around the world!

Any advice for future Boss Babes who want to explore the digital media world?

Jessie: I love that since the field is so new, there are really no rules in this space. It is such an exciting time of trial and error, so If you are passionate about something, just go for it and make it up as you go along.

Tara: What is it that keeps you up at night? What do you catch yourself dreaming about in the middle of the day? This is what you should focus on in the digital media world. It’s really important to find something that you love and not only do that, but do it through your own unique voice. There’s a lot going on in the digital media world, so what’s going to make you stand out among the rest? Pick a few things that combine to make your unique vision and focus on them and commit to them wholeheartedly. It takes a lot of time and commitment no matter what you choose to do, so make sure it’s actually something you love and enjoy.

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

Photo cred: Vanessa Granda

If you need to “glow” in your own life, make sure to check out How You Glow and befriend the girls on their Instagram accounts here and here.

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Photography via Vanessa Granda 

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